• Thermaltake's Element V chassis is world's first Nvidia-approved full tower

    This is the world’s first Nvidia-certified full tower chassis. It’s the Thermaltake Element V, and it’s been specially certified to accommodate Nvidia’s two newest GPUs, the GTX 480 and the GTX 470. As you might imagine, a key feature of the chassis is thermal management. That’s to be expected given how hot those Fermi cards run. Read More

  • Intel: GPUs aren't 100 times faster than CPUs, just 14 times. Nvidia: Oh no!

    This is pretty funny. You’ve probably seen some of the propaganda over the last year or so about how GPUs are orders of magnitude faster than CPUs at certain tasks, due to their parallel processing engine. Intel got tired of hearing about it, I guess, and decided to debunk the myth. They set out to disprove the notion that a GPU can be 100 times faster than a CPU. They kind of did it, but… Read More

  • VLC 1.1.0 adds Windows and Linux GPU decoding

    Have you launched VLC today? If so then you’ll already know that it has been updated to version 1.1.0. The biggest feature in this version is the addition of GPU decoding for Windows (Vista and 7 only) and Linux users. That is, you can use that fancy GPU of yours to help decode that 1080p MKV you’ve got there, leaving your CPU with enough room to breathe, or whatever. Fair warning… Read More

  • Apple's Gaming Future is Full Steam Ahead

    Remember back when anti-mac fanboys use to say that “the Mac doesn’t have gaming, it’s not 1337”. Then Apple entered the gaming world as a noob, and now look, OS X is running Steam. Read More

  • Alienware officially updates the M11x

    When we ran our review of the Alienware M11x a few months back, there were a couple of things that really didn’t sit well with us. They had decided on the older Nvidia chipset (which forced you to basically shut everything down to change from discrete to active video) and you were somewhat limited in what CPU options were available. Well, no longer. Read More

  • NVIDIA's Android tablet looks pretty sexy

    With a Tegra 2 Tegra 2-esque ARM A9-based processor confirmed Tegra 2 inside, 9.7″8.9″ wide screen, and a full gig of RAM, these tablets from Foxconn (unnamed and undated) look to be pretty serious pieces of hardware. They run Android, which I’ve always thought is unsuited for tablets that size, but hey, until something nicer comes out, it’s free and it works. More… Read More

  • New MacBook specs leak out of Vietnam

    Looks like we get a peek at an unannounced update to the MacBook a little bit early. The update (showing up on the label as MacBook7,1) has the same CPU and GPU as the entry level MacBook Pro, but assuming Apple keeps the pricing the same, it should be available for $999. Read More

  • Nvidia commits to simultaneous desktop-laptop driver releases

    Nvidia wants to help out you laptop gamers. How nice of them. From now on, the company will release both desktop and mobile drivers at the same time. This isn’t such a big deal for desktop users, what with their fancy GTX 480s, but laptop users won’t have to wait for the Dells and HPs of the world to release updated drivers. Nvidia’s got you covered. Read More

  • PS3 Slim now ever more slimmer (and more efficient)

    Sony just can’t seem to leave well enough alone, it turns out that they have managed to redesign the RSX GPU to make it even smaller and more efficient. A recent tear-down by Japanese fansite PocketNews showed off the fact that they Nvidia GPU used in all the PS3 Slim units has been reduced to an even smaller size since launch. Read More

  • MAINGEAR Quantum Shift workstation eats Adobe CS5 for breakfast

    Maingear announced their latest today, the Quantum Shift workstation. Designed more for the content developer then the gamer, the Quantum Shift definitely brings the heat. Of course, you customize exactly how much power the Quantum Shift is packing, but it’s designed around Nvidia’s Quadro FX GPU technology. Read More

  • Nvidia GTX 400 series trickling out a few days early

    Looks like the Nvidia GTX 400 series GPUs are starting to trickle onto various sites several days before the official release. Take that paycheck and pump it right into Direct X 11 goodness~! Read More

  • CrunchRumor: Alienware M11x to get updated Nvidia chipset?

    One question that has come up ever since the M11x was released was why didn’t Alienware use the Nvidia Optimus chipset. The chipset that Alienware did use makes switching between the integrated and discreet graphics rather awkward and jarring, and a less then ideal user experience. Well, the rumor rattling around the pipes today is that the M11x may be getting a refresh this summer, and… Read More

  • NVIDIA's flagship DX11 card drops, and the reviews are… decent

    There’s been a lot of buzz about the code-name Fermi series of cards NVIDIA has been cooking up. They’re the company’s first DirectX 11-compatible cards, and rival AMD has had the DX11 58xx series on the market for months now, giving them a definite head start. The hope (among NVIDIA fans) was that the Fermi/GF100 cards would blow AMD’s out of the water despite the delays. Read More

  • PAX East 2010: It's a 3D world, and we're just living in it

    So yeah, we’re living in the age of 3D. I just made a quick run inside the main Read More

  • NVIDIA tries creating real hair

    Ten years ago, Final Fantasy VII upped the ante on realistic portrayals of their human characters in their cinematics. It’s a good thing, too –those cinematics became a terrific reward for the hours spent acquiring EXP and levelling up to make one’s characters fortuitous enough to withstand the battles they laid in wait behind. It wasn’t long before the other… Read More

  • NVIDIA’s ION 2 promises faster graphics and long battery life

    It’s official. NVIDIA’s ION 2 GPUs are coming. You’ll see them on more than 30 products come summer time. The company is promising “10x faster graphics and up to 10 hours of battery life.” So much for that whole power-versus-battery-life tradeoff. Read More

  • Asus has the first Nvidia Optimus laptops~!

    Kudos, I guess, to Asus, being the first manufacturer to incorporate Nvidia’s Optimus technology into actual products. The Taiwan-based company has announced five laptops (note: I refuse to use the term “notebook” when referring to laptops; I think the name “netbook” is dumb, too, so at least I’m consistent) that range in size from 13.3 inches to 17.3… Read More

  • Microsoft to introduce Zune Phone with Windows Mobile 7 at MWC

    If there is one rumor that tends to come and go and agonizes Windows Mobile fans, it’s the one about a Zune phone. Although it’s not officially confirmed, Gizmodo has it on good word that Microsoft will be introducing a Zune phone at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year. More specifically, it will be a Windows Mobile 7 phone with Zune features and capabilities, so… Read More

  • Looks like it’s Splitsville for NVIDIA and Intel

    That NVIDIA and Intel haven’t been getting along lately isn’t big news but it looks like NVIDIA has finally gotten up from the dinner table and left the restaurant in a huff. The epicenter of the problem appears to be NVIDIA’s Ion chipset, which provides some much needed oomph to netbook and nettop platforms. Intel wants to keep a distinct separation between its low-power… Read More

  • NVIDIA and Abobe combine forces for hardware-accelerated flash video

    This is either a good thing or a bad thing. Actually, like most things, it’s a bit of both. Adobe’s FLV file format is the de facto standard for web video due to sharing sites like YouTube using it exclusively. Many would argue that’s a bad thing (despite the fact that it works well for most people) because it gives a single company a stranglehold over an entire province… Read More

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