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  • Twitter Set To Strike IBM-Style Analytics Deal With NTT Data

    Twitter Set To Strike IBM-Style Analytics Deal With NTT Data

    In the aftermath of Twitter’s big data division GNIP announcing that it would no longer make firehose reseller agreements with third parties, Twitter has provided an update on how one of its firehose licensees is being affected. In a blog post in Japanese, Twitter confirmed that NTT Data, which resold Tweets and their metadata in Japan, will indeed no longer have firehose reselling… Read More

  • Twitter Cuts Off DataSift To Step Up Its Own Big Data Business

    Twitter Cuts Off DataSift To Step Up Its Own Big Data Business

    In the push for more revenue growth, Twitter has been building up its business in areas like advertising and commerce, but a move made late Friday night points to another area where the company is setting its sights: big data analytics. Twitter announced that it will be terminating agreements with third parties for reselling firehose data — the unfiltered, full stream of Tweets and… Read More

  • Consolidation In IT Services Land: NTT DATA Buys Intelligroup For $200 Million

    Japanese IT services juggernaut NTT DATA is acquiring US-based Intelligroup for approximately $199 million in cash, followed by a second-step merger to acquire all remaining shares at the same price paid in the tender offer. NTT DATA, through subsidiary Mobius Subsidiary Corporation, will make an offer to purchase all outstanding shares of Intelligroup common stock for $4.65 per share, a… Read More

  • NTT Data paves the way for new kind of lead-acid batteries

    Tokyo-based NTT Data developed a manufacturing process to prolong the life span and reduce the weight of lead-acid batteries. The company said it will make use of its new technology in uninterruptible power supplies and possibly in automotive applications. Production of conventional batteries requires high quantities of lead to retain capacity because lead particles bind together over… Read More

  • Japan gets NFC tag-equipped movie posters

    Hitachi, security solutions provider Gemalto, NTT Data and Japan’s No. 3 mobile phone carrier SoftBank joined forces in the development of the so-called smart poster system [JP], which makes it possible to transmit information to cell phone users from movie posters. The system is currently being tested in Chiba (east of Tokyo) and uses Near Field Communication (NFC) as the underlying… Read More