• Acceleprise Accelerator Aims $3.5M Fund At Early Stage Enterprise Apps

    Acceleprise Accelerator Aims $3.5M Fund At Early Stage Enterprise Apps

    Acceleprise Ventures, a San Francisco-based incubator anchored by investor Sean Glass, announced a new $3.5 million fund with a pronounced enterprise app bent. It also announced 10 newly funded companies. The company works with 8-12 pre-seed B2B companies per round to help them grow from acquiring their first customers “to building scalable and repeatable processes that can fuel… Read More

  • Nova Is A Wireless External Flash For iPhone To Take Better-Looking Low Light Shots

    Nova Is A Wireless External Flash For iPhone To Take Better-Looking Low Light Shots

    It’s no secret that the iPhone’s flash has never been great. So step forward Nova: a wireless external flash, currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, that wants to help you snap better-looking photos in shadowy environments. It packs 40 LEDs into a credit-card-sized, battery-powered Bluetooth off-camera flash that works up to 20ft away from your phone. Read More

  • Cuba launches its own version of Linux called Nova: No more depending on Windows

    Cuba is trying to eliminate its dependency on Microsoft Windows by launching and promoting a homegrown version of Linux called Nova. Government officials say they want to ween as many of the country’s computers off Windows just in case the operating system has hidden hooks into the CIA, NSA, etc. Can’t have that, now can they? Linux, free and open source, also gels with the… Read More

  • Palm looking to "bridge the gap" with Nova OS and device(s)

    Looking to revive the once-mighty Palm smartphone brand, the struggling company turned to Jon Rubenstein in mid-2007, a former Apple SVP who was instrumental in the development of the iPod and now Palm’s executive chairman in charge of product development, to help turn things around. More than a year later, it looks like we’re finally about to see the fruits of Palm’s… Read More

  • Palm to show "Nova" OS at CES 2009

    Peter Burrows at BizWeek has some hot news about Palm’s new OS, Nova. The company hopes to fit their new system in the gap between the BlackBerry and the iPhone (good luck – Microsoft has been trying to do that all year) and they are looking to grab 2% of the middle-range market shere, the range that Google/Android is also gunning for. “If they can’t show me a large… Read More

  • Palm OSDos phones coming next year

    Looking forward to new Palm phones? Well keep looking because we won’t have finished product until early next year. The new OS aka Nova should be hitting the streets around the holidays but there really won’t be any hardware to run it on until first half of 2009. Read More

  • Shampoo? Check. Conditioner? Check. iPod? Check.

    I’m not a huge listen-to-music-in-the-shower person but I’ve had bathroom speakers rigged up in various ways over the years, just in case the mood hits. This new doodad looks cool and it’s certainly an interesting take on waterproof music but it might be more trouble than it’s worth unless you plan on leaving your iPod inside the tube permanently. It’s made by… Read More