North Korea

  • North Korea develops its own Linux distro called Red Star OS

    If you guys weren’t terrified of North Korea by now, here’s more evidence that the country is absolutely nuts: they’ve developed their own Linux distribution! It’s called Red Star OS, and we can thank a Russian student for unearthing it for us. I now fully expect to see knee-jerk reactions like, “Down with Linux!” even though that makes no sense at all. Read More

  • PCs used in cyberwar attack now beginning to self-destruct

    Do you have North Korean Cyberwar Blues? The latest news is that, though the “attack” seems to be waning, the Evil Doers have one more trick up their sleeve: they’re going to delete all your data? Or are they? Read More

  • Video: The North Korean rocket launch UPDATE

    The North Korean government has released the video from last weekend’s rocket launch. We’ll try to keep our FAIL comments and jokes to ourself seeing as the TechCrunch offices are on the West Coast. NKorea says it was a peaceful rocket launch and who are we to disagree with them. Video after the jump. UPDATE: Original video was pulled, but we found another. Read More

  • North Korea successfully launches satellite into Pacific Ocean

    Great success! North Korea has successfully launched a satellite into a near earth orbit and it is now circling the earth at about 1 mile below sea level. That’s right: North Korea’s Taepodong-2, the much-feared long-range missile that had even the Obama camp worried, broke up over Japan at about 11:37am and then fell into the water at 11:48am on Sunday. The launch is described as… Read More

  • North Korea gets 3G network tomorrow

    Wikipedia Good news for those of you in North Korea! (That must be, like, zero of you. I can’t imagine the North Koreans allowing our silly, subversive site to be easily readable.) You’ll have a 3G network up and running tomorrow, thanks to Egypt’s Orascom Telecom‘s $400 million investment. The network will initially cover Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital, and… Read More

  • iPod Not Love Kim Jong Il Long Time

    It looks like North Korea won’t be getting its version of the iTunes Music Store anytime soon. Because of, ya know, that stunt it pulled awhile back, the Bush Administration has imposed sanctions on all luxury goods heading into North Korea. This means no iPods, no Johnny Walker, no Trojan Magnum XLs, no Harleys, or anything else, from companies that operate inside the greatest country… Read More