• The Wii remote, used for the spraying of paint

    I actually just said “oh, wow” in reaction to reading about this thing right here, the Wii Spray. It’s a Wii remote-based spray paint can, for graffiti. It uses Flash, the Wii Flash Server and, yes, the Wii itself to simulate graffito-tagging. It’s the handiwork of Bauhaus students. Bauhaus is a proper school in Germany; it’s not some dopey kid’s junior… Read More

  • The Internet during a recession: Welcome distraction or ruiner of dreams?

    In the late 1990s, when I used to watch Fox Sports News in the morning before school, there used to me a commercial for the Wall Street Journal. Something about two kids, both alike in dignity, but one who was raised by a Wall Street Journal-reading family, and the other, ostensibly, by a pack of wolves; wolves don’t read too well. Naturally, the kid from the WSJ-reading family went on… Read More

  • Nickelodeon's NPower Lineup Of Electronics

    Last night was the Showstoppers event, which is usually pretty lame and filled with cruddy vendors. However, last night was an exception. The guys behind the event must have finally realized that using the aging Copacabana as a venue was a bad idea and instead chose to host the even at the new New York Times building. Read More