Nic Brisbourne

  • Nic Brisbourne Leaves DFJ Esprit To Help Forward Investment Partners “Double-Down” On VC Activity

    Nic Brisbourne Leaves DFJ Esprit To Help Forward Investment Partners “Double-Down” On VC Activity

    There’s some interesting news coming out of London today in the form of VC musical chairs. DFJ Esprit, the European VC firm that is also part of Silicon Valley’s DFJ Global Network, has announced that Associate Scott Sage has been promoted to full VC Partner. However, that isn’t the big story. In events that seem somewhat related, TechCrunch has learned that long-standing… Read More

  • Ask a VC: Nic Brisbourne Defends London's Entrepreneurial Honor

    Oh, Nic Brisbourne. Unlike most VCs who come on Ask a VC who are used to my rude, outspoken American ways, Brisbourne is British and therefore incredibly polite. As this interview goes on he gets more visibly uncomfortable until the end when he brings up Spotify, and I just go a little pit-bull on him. But social graces aside, we have a fascinating chat about the investing scene in London… Read More

  • Ask a VC: London Comes to Us this Week

    Nic Brisbourne of DFJ Esprit is in town this week — along with seemingly every successful Brit— so we asked him to be our first in-studio guest ever on Ask a VC. Brisbourne is well positioned to answer any questions about the funding scene in Europe, which last I checked was one of the only markets in the world where investing activity was actually declining this year. Are… Read More

  • Hard times? Expert panel says funding still tough, but Europe better than ever

    “The good news is, the world is still turning,” said Nic Brisbourne at the Glasshouse‘s “Show Me The Money” event in London last night. “Investment continues, though levels are obviously lower.” Nic quoted £114m garnered from VC funding in Q1 in the UK. “It’s down, but it hasn’t stopped.” Alongside Nic, who’s a partner at… Read More