• Yammer 3.0 For iPhone: Now With 100% Fewer Crashes

    At the risk of pissing off our new office neighbors, I have a confession to make: I loathed the Yammer iPhone app. Don’t get me wrong, I love Yammer, and find it absolutely vital to our work. But the app was easily the least stable of the dozens of apps I have  on my iPhone. It was so bad, in fact, that I’ve been accessing Yammer through mobile Safari in recent weeks. But… Read More

  • Accordion Players Step into the L.A. Spotlight

    Get ready to unleash your inner Weird Al Yankovic and sign up for the Roland U.S. V-Accordion Festival! Read More

  • Shinobi Ninja video game iPhone app

    As more and more musicians and entertainers discover ways to use iPhone apps to reach their fans, we see an increasing amount of gadgets and games. Some of them are good, some of them are ehh. Earlier this year, the Brooklyn-based rock-rap group Shinobi Ninja launched a fun and amusing game called “Brooklyn to Babylon: Shinobi Ninja Attacks!” The game takes music and video and… Read More

  • Bezos And Mohr Davidow Back Stealthy Paperless Billing Startup Doxo

    Paperless billing is the digital future that never quite fully arrives. Even among people who otherwise embrace the digital lifestyle, and pay their bills electronically, many find it difficult to give up on the paper statement. They feel they need it for their financial records or it serves as a physical reminder to pay the bill. And meanwhile, businesses are stuck sending out paper… Read More

  • Windows 7 Pushes Microsoft's Profits Up 34.5 Percent; Bing And Xbox Live Kicking It Too (Slides)

    Another healthy quarter for Microsoft, which saw a 34.5 percent boost in net income to $4 billion, on top of a more modest 6 percent increase in quarterly revenues to $14.5 billion. The return to growth was driven largely by sales of Windows 7, which were up 28 percent to $4.4 billion. (Windows Live is included in that, but it doesn’t yet produce much revenue, although Microsoft is… Read More

  • In Time For Chirp, Apigee Adds A Twitter API Dashboard For Developers

    Thousands of developers rely on Twitter’s APIs to build their apps and Websites. In time for this week’s Chirp conference for Twitter developers, Apigee is coming out of public beta and launching a special dashboard to keep track of the Twitter API. Apigee is a Google Analytics for APIs. For developers who rely on data from other sites and companies, it monitors how much data… Read More

  • HP and Dragon Training

    How to Train Your Dragon, from DreamWorks Pictures opened on Friday and promptly blew fire over most of the competition. Numerous outlets reported the film was Number 1 at the box office this past weekend, despite somewhat slower ticket sales than expected. Read More

  • Don't Call Tech Support. Try Orkin Instead!

    Someone passed this post along to us, and since our Chinese is limited here in CrunchGear-land, I’m afraid we can’t vouch for it. The video contained may, in truth, provide the recipe for a lovely London broil for all we know, so take it with several healthy grains of salt. But at least the basic premise is amusing. It seems that HP in China received a number of complaints about… Read More

  • A Historical Recreation of a Copy

    Last year, Omega released a special edition timepiece to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Apollo astronauts voyage to the moon. In 1969, the men in the space capsule wore Omegas so the firm decided to recreate that bit of history with a contemporary product. But what if Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong hadn’t worn Omegas at all? What if they had worn copies? And Omega knew that the… Read More

  • Get Ready to Take Over the Coffeeshop

    Roland just started shipping the AC-33 Acoustic Chorus Guitar Amplifier. This cool gadget is world’s first battery powered amp built specifically for acoustic guitar. With a 30-watt amp and 5 inch speakers, you’re not going to rock Knebworth with this thing. But if you’re trying to impress the college girls at the local coffee house with your re-interpretation of “Your… Read More

  • What happens first: Team USA wins the World Cup or people start paying for online news?

    Would you pay for access to The Huffington Post? The Guardian? Or, gasp, CrunchGear? People in the news business are trying to figure out how to get by, let alone make a profit, and a recent Pew survey suggests that people have no idea what’s going on. Six in 10 Americans now get at least part of their news online, but the question remains: are people willing to pay? Read More

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