• Sony's Blu-Ray Drive Won't Play Blu-Ray Movies

    Ah, Blu-Ray, your mysteries are manifold. Your high-resolution video promises to tickle our media bones and your extras – oh the extras – will warm us through those long winter nights. Then, when we’re good and ready to watch a heavy-duty Blu-Ray disk on our PCs, Sony’s got us covered, right? Right? Wrong. Sony’s first PC Blu-Ray drive, the BWU-100A, won’t… Read More

  • Kangaroo TV: Be at the Race and Watch it on TV, Too

    If you’ve ever been at a sporting event and had that strange feeling you’d rather be watching it on TV, now Kangaroo TV offers you a way to both be there and get some tight close-ups and instant replays, too. The hardened handheld TVs are being rented at major sporting events around the world, but you’ll have to pay dearly for the privilege—they rent for $50 a day or… Read More

  • Ballbot: Even on One Wheel, It's No Pushover

    Even when you start pushing this odd-looking robot around, it stays upright. Here’s Ballbot, a robot that balances on its single spherical wheel that’s about the size of a bowling ball. It stays upright using “dynamic stability,” which represents a significant step toward the goal of creating robots that can gracefully move around people and someday become our… Read More

  • Are Mac Pros Cheaper than Dell Precisions?

    The Inquirer set out to discover the truth in a piece that contrasts the price differences between similarly matched systems from Apple and Dell. In the comparison, the Mac Pro is pitted against the Dell Precision 490. While the results aren’t quite those described at the Apple fanboy rally, they do signify a relevant change total cost when compared to similarly outfitted machines: Dual… Read More

  • Alltel Delivers XM Satellite Radio to Phones

    Alltel just announced a new service that will deliver XM Satellite Radio programming to phones on their network. Developed by MobiTV, the feature will allow users unlimited access to select XM radio channels for $7.99 a month. “Having America’s largest wireless network, partner with America’s largest satellite radio provider was a natural fit, and we know our customers will… Read More

  • Microsoft Offering Payments for Late Vista, Office

    This doesn’t effect us peons on the front end, but enterprise customers who were planning to purchase – or already purchased – bulk licenses for Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 are getting discounts and sales incentives in order to keep them quiet while Vista runs through its endless development phase. Computer manufacturers and even some businesses were on track to receive… Read More

  • Logitech DJ: Another Wireless Music System

    Logitech just announced their Wireless DJ Music System which will allow users to stream and control PC audio wirelessly throughout the home via Logitech’s StreamPoint software. The device is compatible with all PC audio formats, including MP3, AAC, WMA, etc. The sexy console remote has a backlit blue LCD display. Although many of these devices already exist, this looks to be a vast… Read More

  • First Look: Microsoft XBox 360 HD DVD Player

    In an effort to compete with Sony’s Blu-ray-enabled PS3, Microsoft is releasing an XBox 360 HD-DVD player peripheral for about $200, about $200-300 less than similar HD DVD players. Most of the the high-end audio and video processing will happen on the XBox itself, which means the drive will be essentially a “dumb” device designed simply to read HD DVD format… Read More

  • Sprint Nextel & Intel Team Up on WiMax

    Sprint Nextel is working on securing their place in 4G cellular services by announcing their plan to establish a nationwide network based on the forthcoming WiMax standard. The new technology is said to be able to deliver wireless broadband at speeds up to 70Mbps in ideal conditions, but real world estimates are significantly lower – expect about 20-50Mbps on a good day – with a… Read More

  • Mighty Morphin' Car Panels

    Joachim Tandler, a car safety researcher in Germany, is working on a project for the first shape-shifting car. The car will use hood-mounted cameras and radar to spot a vehicle that is going to hit your car for a side collision. The camera and radar sends a message to the side of the car once it has calculated that impact is imminent and reinforces the bond between the door and the frame, which… Read More