New Zealand

  • New Zealand man buys MP3 player loaded with U.S. military data

    A Kiwi bought an MP3 player in Oklahoma. No, that’s not a setup to a bad joke, but the chilling, real life ordeal that’s currently the long national nightmare of New Zealand. Read More

  • Attention, Australia and New Zealand: Movies are now on iTunes

    Movies are now available on iTunes in Australia and New Zealand. There’s all the major studios, like Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox, with awesome movies like National Treasure 2 and Cloverfield on there. Prices start at A$9.99 for movie purchases in Australia, and NZ$9.99. More than 700 movies are on iTunes down there, so there’s plenty of junk to choose from. And how about… Read More

  • PS3 Goes DVR In 2008

    Me: Santa, I’d like a PS3 for Christmas. Santa: I thought you hated the PS3. Me: Well, I did but Warwick Light, head of marketing for Sony in New Zealand, has made an announcement that’s making me eat my words. You see, Freeview is a free digital television and radio provider in NZ and Sony is hoping to support their terrestrial digital broadcast service by March 2008. Santa… Read More