• Review: Iomega StorCenter ix2-200 NAS

    With the dollar to terabyte ratio decreasing every day, there’s no excuse for not having adequate digital storage space. The new Iomega ix2-200 Network-Attached Storage (NAS) unit makes adding storage to your home or business network about as easy as it can get. Its a very powerful, versatile unit that is quite nearly plug-and-play. Let’s take a closer look shall we? Read More

  • Review: Colasoft Capsa network analyzer

    Chances are, if you’re in charge of supporting a network of any size, you’ll need to look at the actual packets that are passing back and forth across that network. Whether it’s to see whether a specific machine is sending or receiving packets as it should, or you want to see the contents of the packets themselves, you’ll need to break out a packet sniffer. There are… Read More

  • Video Review: IOGEAR USB Net ShareStation

    Looking to share USB devices across your home network? Got $80? Then pick up the IOGEAR USB Net ShareStation. The product’s website says, “Users may not achieve optimum audio/video streaming performance when connecting to the USB Net ShareStation through a wireless Ethernet router,” but I loaded up a 1080p WMV file and streamed it via wireless just fine. You can hook up… Read More

  • ShareStation: network sharing for your USB devices

    IOGEAR’s ShareStation costs $80 and allows you to share USB devices. Smart, huh? You can share just about any USB-based device across multiple computers that are connected to the same network. IOGEAR cautions that “Users may not achieve optimum audio/video streaming performance when connecting to the USB Net ShareStation through a wireless Ethernet router,” if you were to… Read More

  • Iomega Launches Two New Home Network Drives

    Iomega today announced two new networked hard drives that come with an Ethernet-jack in the back of each device. The drives come with either 320GB or 500GB of storage and feature a brushed aluminum casing that will compliment that new iMac you just picked up. As you’d expect with a networked drive, performance is a key factor, so Iomega has gone ahead and used a 7200RPM SATA-II drives… Read More

  • iPhone Partially Unlocked

    Gizmodo is reporting that the hackers at the iPhone Dev Wiki have successfully unlocked the iPhone…partially. You can’t use that T-Mobile account just yet, but you can use any AT&T SIM card that you choose. This means any pre-paid, Cingular, or AT&T SIM card can be thrown into the iPhone and calls can be made. With the included WiFi the iPhone has, you’re pretty much… Read More

  • Belkin Network USB Hub Review

    Today we take a look at Belkin’s new Network USB Hub which claims to be the most easily configured wireless USB hub on the market — you could probably also say it’s the only wireless USB hub on the market. Basically, Belkin’s software tricks your computer into thinking that it’s connected to a printer or peripheral directly while they are actually hooked up to… Read More