• NBA free agency shows Twitter has put athletes in control of daily narrative

    It’s free agency season in the NBA, and the only people who are more excited than the fans are the nation’s sports reporters. How easy it is to be a sports reporter in 2010! Thanks to Twitter, you’ve got guys like Chris Bosh dropping morsels of information all day long. For example, Bosh tweeted the following last night, sending the sports world into a tizzy: Read More

  • Apparently the entire NBA consists of gamers

    Kobe Bryant: huge nerd. Granted, he’s probably the best basketball player since Michael Jordan—LeBron would really benefit from winning a ring or two—but if you’re traveling the country armed with a fully portable Xbox 360 and customized PSP, then yeah, you’re a huge nerd. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course. Read More

  • The NBA starts tomorrow, and so does NBA Live 10's Dynamic Season Mode

    A little birdie, also known as an e-mail, tells me that EA Sports will flip the switch on Dynamic Season Mode in NBA Live 10 tomorrow. Well, for the Xbox 360 version; PS3 owners will have to wait till Thursday. This, of course, coincides with the start of the new NBA season, to be won, according to that same NBA Live 10, by the Cavs. Read More

  • NBA Live 10 predicts a Cavs win this season (and LeBron will dominate all over again)

    It was just a few days ago that EA Sports’ NHL 10 predicted that the Pittsburg Penguins would win the Stanley Cup this season. Now it’s the NBA’s turn, with NBA Live 10 having predicted that, yes, the Cavs will finally do it and win it all. And then LeBron can finally leave Cleveland and go to the Nets! Read More

  • NBA set to introduce social media policy: Say goodbye to courtside tweets

    What’s all this nonsense about professional athletes getting into trouble over what they say on Twitter (or whatever other site)? The NFL, which, as we all know, stands for the No Fun League, freaked out after Robert Henson, of the Washington Redskins, tweeted a few choice words to critical fans last week. Things like “All you fake half hearted Skins fan can .. I won’t go… Read More

  • Kyte Streams 50 Million Videos A Month. Rolls Out iPhone Apps For MTV, NBA, And Others.

    In an age when anyone with a video-capable cell phone can have their own TV channel on the Web, it is still the celebrities and rock stars who are getting all the views (just as on Twitter they get the most followers). Kyte CEO Daniel Graf knows this fact all too well. Of the 215,000 video channels on Kyte, nearly all are created by consumers, but only about 1,000 account for more than 90… Read More

  • CG Giveaway: Watch the NBA All-Star Saturday Night in 3D

    Were you as excited as we were about the 3D presentation of the BCS championship game? Here’s a chance for you and a friend to see this hot new technology in action! Read on to learn how to win free tickets to see the Sprite Slam Dunk contest in 3D at a theater near you! Read More

  • NBA to broadcast '08/'09 All-Star Game in 3D

    The NBA gave 3D broadcasting the ‘ol college try last year and this year, 80 theaters nationwide will broadcast the game in 3D HD. The February 8th, 2009 showing should hit 160 screens in Carmike Cinemas, Celebration Cinemas, Cinema West, Emagine, Galaxy Theatres, Marquee Cinemas, MJR, NCG, Rave Motion Pictures, Showcase and UltraStar Cinema in 35 States nationwide. Seeing as 3D… Read More

  • NBA 2 Go: Get Charged For What's Already On The Web

    The NBA has released a new subscription based mobile downloadable application, NBA 2 Go, for tracking teams and games right on your phone. The application is powered by Hands On Mobile. While the NBA already has a mobile site that provides live scoring, stats, and photos. However, the new application gives you a bit more content and customization that you get from their mobile site. But all… Read More

  • NBA, Jabra, and T-Mobile Shoot Hoops Together

    A lot of people are REALLY into their sports. Sports are your personal way of showing off the pride and compassion you have for your hometown. So if you’re looking for a Bluetooth headset and love basketball, then you’re in luck! T-Mobile is offering a new promotion along with the NBA where subscribers purchasing the Jabra BT 160 Bluetooth headset, can customize it with the logo… Read More