• Report: Despite Earlier Warning, Nasa Still Vulnerable To Cyber Attack

    One day after McAfee warned about the dangers of corporations becoming vulnerable to hackers, we now learn that Nasa has similar concerns. Its inspector general, Paul Martin, has written a report entitled “Security Practices Expose Key Nasa Network To Cyber Attack,” and you can guess what that means. Actually, don’t bother guessing. The report warns that six of… Read More

  • NASA's Plan To Protect GPS Satellites? Hand Them Over To Homeland Security.

    Why this is making a splash today, I can’t really answer, but here we go. Nasa published a white paperin November that discusses how best to protect our GPS satellites from any sort of impropriety. The primary suggestion is to have the president declare our GPS satellites critical infrastructure. Once they’ve been classified as such the Department of Homeland Security will be put… Read More

  • Nasa Extends Deal With Russian Space Program, Will Continue To Sit In Buck Seat Until 2016

    The good news: Nasa will still be able to travel to the International Space Station, bringing to it vital supplies and very possibly chocolate cookies. The bad news—I guess you can call this bad news—is that Nasa will only be able to do so hitching a ride on board Russian spacecraft. Budgets are a tricky business. Read More

  • Scientific Community Torn Over Extraterrestrial Bacteria Claims

    Few things are quite as exciting as a good old fashioned feud between distinguished scientists. You’ll recall that a scientist, Nasa’s Richard Hoover, published an article last week in The Journal of Cosmology that claimed to have discovered a form of extraterrestrial bacteria on a meteorite. Life, in other words. But hold on! In the days that have since passed a number of… Read More

  • Live Video: Watch The Space Shuttle Discovery's Last Landing

    The Space Shuttle Discovery is currently en route to Kennedy Space Center’s three-mile runway and expected to land for the last time at 11:57 am EST. Click through for the live feed provided by Ustream. There’s just one more shuttle flight planned so you may want to spend a few minutes watching this historic event. Update: Touchdown! USA! USA! USA! Gallery of the highlights after… Read More

  • $424 Million NASA Rocket Fails To Make Orbit, Crashes Into Sea

    NASA has a hard time getting funding these days, and this incident doesn’t look like it will help the cause. A nine-story rocket, named Glory, carrying an Earth-observation satellite failed to reach orbit and fell back to earth. Read More

  • Nasa To Bother Temple 1 Comet Again, See How Things Have Gone For It Lately

    Where will you be tomorrow morning at 0437 GMT? If you’re a Nasa engineer odds are you’ll be glued to your many monitors, keeping a watchful on your Stardust spaceshipas it approaches the Tempel 1 comet. The Nasa spaceship will be approaching the comet in part in order to take a look at the impact crater created by a previous spaceship’s probe back in 2005. Read More

  • This Is Our Sun

    Fun fact: This is the first complete image of our life-giving friend in the sky. Like, first ever in the history of mankind. NASA’s STEREO mission — Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory — installed two nearly identical satellites on either side of the sun making the 3D eyecandy possible. The goal here is to track sunspots, solar storms and the like on the other side of… Read More

  • Space Shuttle Atlantis To Make Its Final Launch In June

    NASA is putting a cap on the long-running Space Shuttle program with STS-135, the final flight by Space Shuttle Atlantis, just recently announced to be taking place on June 28th. There are no more missions planned after this, and the 30-year old shuttle program will finally give way to its successor. This will presumably the Constellation Program, aimed at creating unified architecture for… Read More

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