• Google’s 3 Top Executives Have 8 Private Jets

    Google’s 3 Top Executives Have 8 Private Jets

    A surprising piece of news was buried in an article this week. Friday, The Mercury News reported the three top executives at Google, Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt, are offering to pay $33 million to finish the restoration of the historic airship hangar at Moffett Field. The giant structure, built in the 1930s and called Hangar One, sits a few miles from the Googleplex and… Read More

  • NASA To Invite 150 Of Its Twitter Followers To Mars Rover Launch

    NASA To Invite 150 Of Its Twitter Followers To Mars Rover Launch

    While giveaways and “follow us and win!” contests aren’t always worth calling out, this promotion from @NASA is too great to pass up. They’re planning on inviting 150 of their followers to watch the Curiosity Mars Rover launch. Yes, the actual launch, from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Read More

  • Colbert On Defunct Satellite: “UARS All Gonna Die!”

    Colbert On Defunct Satellite: “UARS All Gonna Die!”

    You’ve likely already heard about that defunct six-ton satellite hurtling its way to the Earth’s surface. Unless you’re paranoid, you also know that the chances of this changing anyone’s life, anywhere (save for a few NASA peeps) are very small. Like, microscopic. Still, it’s been a slow news week and the media has to keep pumping things out — and so begins… Read More

  • NASA Releases Historical Sound Bites As Ringtones

    NASA Releases Historical Sound Bites As Ringtones

    Space buffs like me are sure to get a kick out of this one: NASA has released a score of historical sound bites from the space program for use as ringtones or system sounds. I ask you, what could be more appropriate to herald an error on your PC than Jack Swigert’s “Houston, we have a problem” from Apollo 13? Or, alternately, what better way to celebrate a successful boot… Read More

  • Live Your Space Program Fantasies With A Retro NASA Camera

    Live Your Space Program Fantasies With A Retro NASA Camera

    This beauty is a Nikon F Photomic T, which first hit the streets all the back in 1965. Aside from being a gorgeous piece of retro tech, it’s also one of several NASA-owned cameras from the estate of collector Arthur Keir that have been put up for auction. Read More

  • The Nexus S Powers NASA’s Lightsaber Sparring Spheres, In Space

    The Nexus S Powers NASA’s Lightsaber Sparring Spheres, In Space

    Yes, that headline sounds a little ridiculous. But it’s not much of an exaggeration. Today Google has posted a video showcasing how the Nexus S is being used by NASA to power its SPHERE satellites — the free-floating devices that NASA says were actually inspired by the lightsaber sparring droid seen in Star Wars. The satellites have been on the International Space Station since… Read More

  • Watch Out! International Space Station To Crash Into The Pacific After 2020 Retirement

    Watch Out! International Space Station To Crash Into The Pacific After 2020 Retirement

    Better lay your millions on the table now and reserve your spot on the ISS now. Russia, NASA, and the rest of the ISS’ partners announced today that they are going to allow the ISS to crash into the atmosphere after it’s decommissioned in 2020. The reason? Space doesn’t need more junk. The first ISS component launched in 1998 and has slowly grown into a large space station… Read More

  • Watch The Final Space Shuttle Mission Here (Maybe)

    Today, after 133 launches spanning nearly three decades, the era of the Space Shuttle is set to close with one final launch. Atlantis is currently on the launchpad, fueled, loaded with her four man crew and ready to delivery supplies to the ISS. It’s a bittersweet day as an exciting time in the US’s space history comes to a close, but unfortunately due to budget constraints rather… Read More

  • Meet Saturn's Great White Spot That Really Isn't A Spot Anymore

    Think Arizona’s dust storm was huge? Check out the Great White Spot on Saturn. What first started as a small but bright dot last December, has grown to a massive storm that is currently encompassing a vast part of the planet’s upper half. The Cassini spacecraft first picked it up on December 5, 2010 and then astronomers then noticed the bright dot. Cassini then observed… Read More

  • NASA Will Start Flying Coach With "Commercial Crews"

    After the retirement of the Shuttle program, NASA will begin flying along with – and funding – multiple “commercial crews” including Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin group and Elon Musk’s SpaceX. NASA is paying out $270 million to SpaceX, Blue Origin, Sierra Nevada (not the beer) and Boeing. This program, begun in 2009 and is now vitally important as it pairs… Read More

  • Missed Out On A Space Shuttle? Buy This Concorde For $150k Instead

    Don’t fret if NASA passed up your place as one of the Shuttles’ permanent homes as there are plenty of avation icons to go around. Like this Concorde. It’s only $150k. But there’s a catch. Yeah, there’s always a damn catch, but in this case I think it’s better this way. Read More

  • NASA Names The Space Shuttles' Final Resting Places

    30 years ago today the Space Shuttle Columbia blasted off on the first shuttle mission. Two missions ended in disaster, but a total of five different shuttles spent a collective 1289 days in space over 132 missions. The program is set for retirement after Atlantis’ final voyage later this month. The three remaining shuttles, along with the Enterprise prototype, are going to need… Read More

  • Mars Rover Curiosity Gets Shown Off

    The kids over at BoingBoing (lucky stiffs) got invited to NASA’s labs to check out the next Mars rover, Curiosity. They’ve got a ton of great pics over there, so check it out. Meanwhile, still no word from Spirit. Damn your sandy environment, Mars! Read More

  • Working With Nasa, Russia To Propose Nuclear Spacecraft

    Get ready for a nuclear-powered spacecraft—maybe! The Russian Federal Space Agency says that it will hold talks with Nasa and a number of countries on April 15 to see if they can’t get started on creating a “nuclear engine” by 2012. Such an engine, it’s believed, would only cost around $600m to develop. Read More

  • Space Jam Causes NASA To Push Final Endeavour Launch By 10 Days

    The final Endeavour launch — which could be the final space shuttle launch — was slated for April 19th but had to be moved 10 days primarily because of a scheduling conflict. The Russian resupply space vehicle is also scheduled to be docked at the International Space Station during that time and the station is not outfitted to support two docked vehicles. Apparently Russia… Read More

  • Nasa To Show Their Next Launch In HD

    Nasa is planning to stream their next launch in HD. This will be the first time Nasa will show a launch in HD on their online HDTV channel. The ISS crew will fly out to the ISS in the Soyuz spacecraft from Baikonur, Kazakhstan. Make sure you’re around for the launch on April 4th at 5:18 pm EST. Details after the break. Read More

  • End Of The Road For Spirit Mars Rover?

    Although the Mars rovers have gone way, way beyond the call of duty (the original mission was for 90 days; Opportunity is still active after more than six years), the dream has to end sometime — and evidence is mounting that for Spirit, the first of the two rovers to touch down, may be down for the count. After a year of being trapped in sand, its last big hope was a big solar boost… Read More

  • Nasa Pulls Plug On Director James Cameron's 3D Project

    If James Cameron were to take all the revenues from both Titanic and Avatar, then he may be able to send his own mars rover to space. That’s the closest he’ll ever get to having his 3D tech blasted into orbit now that Nasa pulled the plug on his plans. Read More

  • Report: Despite Earlier Warning, Nasa Still Vulnerable To Cyber Attack

    One day after McAfee warned about the dangers of corporations becoming vulnerable to hackers, we now learn that Nasa has similar concerns. Its inspector general, Paul Martin, has written a report entitled “Security Practices Expose Key Nasa Network To Cyber Attack,” and you can guess what that means. Actually, don’t bother guessing. The report warns that six of… Read More

  • NASA's Plan To Protect GPS Satellites? Hand Them Over To Homeland Security.

    Why this is making a splash today, I can’t really answer, but here we go. Nasa published a white paperin November that discusses how best to protect our GPS satellites from any sort of impropriety. The primary suggestion is to have the president declare our GPS satellites critical infrastructure. Once they’ve been classified as such the Department of Homeland Security will be put… Read More

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