• Yet Another Senior MySpace Exec Bails: SVP Tish Whitcraft Joins Tagged

    “Tish Whitcraft recently joined MySpace as SVP of Customer Care responsible for delivering a world-class user experience to the 250 million + MySpace users,” the company said in mid 2008 when Whitcraft, a seasoned big company executive, joined the team. Now, three years later Whitcraft joins countless other MySpace execs, and about 190 million of those 250 million users, and… Read More

  • Amazingly, MySpace's Decline Is Accelerating

    Between January and February 2011, says Comscore, worldwide unique visitors to MySpace declined by a staggering 14.4% from 73 million visitors to 63 million visitors. It’s about half of the audience they had a year ago. Everyone knows MySpace traffic is going the wrong way, but the accelerating decline (and big financial losses) is a serious problem. Parent company News Corp. is in… Read More

  • Former Myspacers Build Link Curator 'Tagging Robot'

    Former VP of Product at Myspace Todd Leeloy and Myspace Product Manager Joe Munoz have launched a semantic tagging network and link curation service today called Tagging Robot. Tagging Robot currently crawls your Facebook newsfeed and separates your links based on topics, as well as giving you relevant topics data for each link. Tagging Robot uses NLP and Machine Learning to build users a… Read More

  • Singing The Blues: MySpace Music Loses Nearly Half Its Audience, And Its President

    Remember MySpace Music? It was supposed to put online music streaming on the the right track. But with all the layoffs, shrinking audience and turmoil at parent MySpace, MySpace Music is singing the blues. According to comScore, only 17 million people in the U.S. visited MySpace Music in January, 2011, which is down 46 percent from the previous year. Pandora is now bigger on the Web, with… Read More

  • Myspace Music Teams Up With Songtrust For Music Publishing Management Services

    Songtrust (founded in October, 2010) and Myspace Music this morning announced a partnership to bring Songtrust’s music publishing management services to the social network’s (vast) audience of DIY songwriters and bands. A division of Downtown Music, Songtrust’s digital rights management solution empowers indie songwriters and artists to manage their music publishing and… Read More

  • As MySpace Implodes, Tagged Doubles Staff And Gives Everyone A Raise

    I recently over heard someone saying of MySpace – “It used to be dirty, underground, seedy and successful. Now it’s prom at a private school.” The company is struggling to reinvent itself. But traffic continues to plunge. Comscore says they had 80 million worldwide unique visitors in December. They had around 90 million in October before the big redesign. A year ago… Read More

  • eMarketer: Global Ad Spending On Facebook Will Reach $4B By Year's End

    eMarketer predicts that social network advertising will account for nearly 11% of all online ad spending in the United States by the end of this year. According to the research firm, US marketers will spend a little over $3 billion to advertise on social networking sites this year, up 55 percent from the $1.99 billion advertisers devoted to social networks in 2010. eMarketer projects this… Read More

  • Mike Jones' Kiss-Off Letter To Laid Off MySpacers: "We Can't Continue On This Journey Together"

    Mike Jones' Kiss-Off Letter To Laid Off MySpacers: "We Can't Continue On This Journey Together"

    Whenever a company lays off 500 people, as MySpace did earlier this week when it gave half its employees walking papers, it generates quite a bit of anger and bitterness. The latest tip in our inbox from a dispirited former employee goes into a details about do-nothing managers who still have their jobs while all their underlings are now unemployed. I won’t repeat the character… Read More

  • Bitterness, Anger And Betrayal At MySpace

    An email from a reader claiming to be a MySpace employee about the layoffs today that left half of the company out of work. These things are part of life, but the bitterness, anger and feeling of betrayal are striking. The email is below. Read More

  • MySpace Slashes 47 Percent Of Staff; Nearly 500 Employees Given Pink Slips

    MySpace Slashes 47 Percent Of Staff; Nearly 500 Employees Given Pink Slips

    Things only seem to be getting worse for MySpace. Amid reports that the troubled social network is for sale by parent company News Corp., MySpace has just announced massive layoffs at the company. According to PaidContent, MySpace has cut 47 percent of its staff or nearly 500 employees. Apparently, CEO Mike Jones said the cuts were necessary to “provide the company with a clear path… Read More

  • Zynga Hires Fourth Ex-MySpace Exec

    The MySpace talent exodus continues, and Zynga seems to be taking more than its share. In 2010 they hired Dani Dudeck, formerly a MySpace VP, to run the communications team. Soon after former MySpace CEO Owen Van Natta joined Zynga as an EVP. Now, we’ve learned from multiple sources, they’re hired two more. Katie Geminder, a level 51 Cityville player and formerly head of product… Read More

  • Myspace And Google Renew Search And Advertising Agreement For Multiple Years

    Myspace and Google this morning announced that they have reached a multi-year agreement to renew and expand their search and advertising relationship. It’s unclear how long the deal will stand this time, but three years like the former agreement sounds plausible. Whether Myspace will still be around when the new deal expires remains to be seen. Under the terms of the new agreement… Read More

  • Social Networking: The Present

    Editor’s note: This is the second of a three-part guest post by venture capitalist Mark Suster of GRP Partners on “Social Networking: The Past, Present, And Future.” Read Part I first. Social Networking in Web 2.0: Plaxo & LinkedIn Next began the era of “spam-based” networks of which Plaxo (founded in 2002) was the king.  Co-founded by Sean Parker (yes… Read More

  • Its Future Uncertain, Myspace Launches New Mobile Site, iPhone Application

    While News Corp. is now openly admitting that it is exploring options for Myspace (don’t call it MySpace anymore!), the company is still executing, albeit slowly, on its mobile strategy. This morning, the company announced that it has launched a new mobile website to extend its “social entertainment experience” to mobile devices across the board. The company will soon release… Read More

  • Associated Press (Or CBS) Surrenders Their Dignity

    A lot of people out there still seem to think that all blogs do is riff off of major media content. Reblog it, or just plain plagiarism. Most people know that most major news is now broken by blogs, but the prejudice is still out there. One thing we abhor is “the unattributed rewrite,” When some publication takes a story that was broken by someone else and simply rewrites the… Read More

  • Hell Freezes Over As MySpace Fully Surrenders To Facebook

    t was just a couple of years ago that MySpace wasn’t all that concerned about the fast growing Facebook. Fast forward two years and a handful of CEO changes, and everything has changed. Last summer MySpace found a way to get MySpace status updates into Facebook. And today at noon at a special press event that everyone was invited to except us, they’ll announce more integrations. Read More

  • It's Kinda Rough For MySpace Over on Quora

    A simple question on Quora yields some fascinating comments: “Is MySpace likely to recover?” Google VP Corporate Development David Lawee left a brief and sarcastic “Is this a real question?” response. Which is noteworthy because Google is a major advertising partner to MySpace. Generally speaking, partners are nice to each other in public, but not here. Investor… Read More

  • Compete Top 50: Bing And Ask Rise – MySpace, MapQuest And Flickr Fall

    Online analytics company Compete has just published its ranking of the top 50 websites for September 2010, giving some insights into current visitor trends (and not absolute numbers, as the company tends to undercount traffic for most websites). Compete’s data compilation shows increasing traffic to Microsoft’s search engine Bing (up 11.7 percent for the month and 108.5 percent for… Read More

  • Here's the Public Google Doc With All Of MySpace's Traffic Analytics

    MySpace is mere hours away from their big redesign push (our early review is here). If you’ve got nothing to do until midnight California time, spend it perusing this document. It is, according to an anonymous source that claims to work at MySpace, an internal MySpace document showing traffic and engagement by age band. And it’s on Google, publicly. Read More

  • The MySpace Redesign Is Almost Here—Some Details

    The MySpace Redesign Is Almost Here—Some Details

    MySpace is preparing to roll out its long-awaited redesign, perhaps as early as tomorrow, at least for new users. It’s not going to be pretty. Well, actually, it is quite pretty—I’ve seen screenshots—but that still might not be enough to help stem the diminishing appeal of the social network. MySpace tried to brief us on the new design under embargo, which we… Read More