• Inside jOBS: TechCrunch Goes To The Movies

    Inside jOBS: TechCrunch Goes To The Movies

    “IBM wants it all and is aiming its guns on its last obstacle to industry control: Apple. Will Big Blue dominate the entire computer industry?” Steve Jobs asks us. “No,” we cheer in unison. “The entire information age?!?” He asks again, “Was George Orwell right about 1984?” Before we have the opportunity to answer again, the Apple CEO introduces… Read More

  • Foundd Doesn’t Just Recommend Good Movies, It Finds Movies A Group Can Agree On

    Foundd Doesn’t Just Recommend Good Movies, It Finds Movies A Group Can Agree On

    Berlin-based Foundd is a new movie recommendation service launching this week, which not only finds you movies you would like to watch, but also helps a group decide on a movie they can watch together. It’s an interesting twist on the concept of personalized recommendation engines, like those created by Netflix or Amazon, for example, which seemingly presume that watching movies is a… Read More

  • Whither, Hollywood, Wither?

    Whither, Hollywood, Wither?

    Last week I wrote about television; this week I’ve been thinking about Hollywood. Not least because a screenwriter with a pretty good track record recently attached himself to my squirrel book1 and is hoping to adapt it into a big animated movie. But it often takes five years or more to go from script to screen, so I can’t help wondering–will Hollywood as we know it still… Read More

  • Amazon Partners With Paramount, Brings Hundreds More Movies To Prime Instant Video Service

    Amazon Partners With Paramount, Brings Hundreds More Movies To Prime Instant Video Service

    Amazon is continuing to grow its collection of streaming video titles at Amazon Prime Instant Video, and is today announcing another new agreement with Paramount Pictures bringing “hundreds” of new movies to the service. This deal isn’t as large as March’s partnership with Discovery, which saw some 3,000 new titles added, but it does introduce what are arguably more… Read More

  • Press-On Polarizers Let You Enjoy 3D Movies Without Wearing Ugly Glasses

    Press-On Polarizers Let You Enjoy 3D Movies Without Wearing Ugly Glasses

    The Stix project is just a concept now, but what a concept it is. It’s essentially a way for glasses-wearers to enjoy 3D movies without having to put on oddly-shaped and potentially ugly 3D glasses. The Stix peel off a piece of backing plastic and fit right on your real glasses. When you’re ready to face the real world again you simply peel them off. Lucy Jung and Daejin Ahn… Read More

  • Nicholas Sparks On Using Tech To Write Books, Make Movies, And Keep A Creative Edge

    Nicholas Sparks On Using Tech To Write Books, Make Movies, And Keep A Creative Edge

    Nicholas Sparks, the bestselling novelist and screenwriter known for hits such as The Notebook and A Walk To Remember, is currently on a nationwide tour to promote The Lucky One, the latest movie to be adapted from one of his books. Right now he is making the rounds in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, and we were really pleased when he agreed to swing by TechCrunch TV for an interview… Read More

  • Forest Whitaker at JuntoBox Films Party, SXSW

    How Forest Whitaker Wants to Crowdsource Filmmaking [TCTV]

    Academy Award winning actor Forest Whitaker was at SXSW this past weekend, where his JuntoBox Films studio — which combines crowdsourcing social media technology with traditional film production — announced it has greenlit its first movie. Watch his interview with TechCrunch TV to see him discuss how technology is democratizing the filmmaking process, how Hollywood is slowly… Read More

  • Tugg Lets Audiences Choose What’s Playing In Theaters

    Tugg Lets Audiences Choose What’s Playing In Theaters

    There’s a new startup called Tugg launching today — it’s led by Nicolas Gonda, who was a producer on The Tree Of Life, and it promises audience members that they can create their own movie screenings at local theaters. When I asked why theaters would want to do this, Gonda and his co-founder Pablo Gonzalez (they’re CEO and COO, respectively) said via email that the… Read More

  • VideoCam3D For iOS Lets You Shoot & Convert Movies To 3D

    VideoCam3D For iOS Lets You Shoot & Convert Movies To 3D

    NXP Software, developer of the CineXPlayer mobile application, is launching a new iOS app for recording and converting video into 3D. The app, VideoCam3D, lets you record in both blue/red and split screen 3D and works in conjunction with the CineXPlayer video viewing app, which also supports 3D movie playback. Read More

  • New Partnership Brings Disney Movies To YouTube Starting Today

    New Partnership Brings Disney Movies To YouTube Starting Today

    Walt Disney Studios and YouTube have struck deal which will bring hundreds of Disney movies to YouTube, starting today. The new partnership between the two companies includes movies from Disney, Disney-Pixar and DreamWorks Studios. The films, some of which have already arrived on YouTube, are available to rent starting at $1.99. Read More

  • Shows You Where You Can Stream, Rent, Download Or Buy Movies Shows You Where You Can Stream, Rent, Download Or Buy Movies

    Add this site to your bookmarks because I guarantee you, at some point, you’re going to need it. is a new search engine that shows you where you can stream, rent, download and buy movies. The site checks the libraries at Netflix, Amazon, iTunes and Hulu and provides links to the appropriate listings. And if a movie isn’t available, you can sign up for, set… Read More

  • Vroom: How Skywalker Sound Made The Cars 2 Sound Effects

    Although, arguably, the second Cars was sub-par, it’s nice to see how Skywalker Sound designed the sounds for the vrooming, racing Maters, Lightnings, and British spy cars in the movie. Read More

  • Neuromancer Movie In Pre-Production

    I’m not going to get my hopes up – they’ve been promising a Neuromancer movie for years and, I fear, no one will be able to the book justice – but Vincenzo Natali, director of Splice and Cube, says he is in pre-production on William Gibson’s seminal cyberpunk novel and they will soon begin filming in Canada, Istanbul, Tokyo, and London. Read More

  • Ubisoft Opens Its Own Movie Studio

    Variety reports that French developer Ubisoft (Prince of Persia, Assassin’s Creed, Vin Diesel – Wheelman) has established a sub-company, Ubisoft Motion Pictures, that will be in charge of adapting its games into movies. I’m guessing Ubi isn’t investing hundreds of millions in sets, property, cameras, and such, and this is really more of an administrative thing. Its… Read More

  • Movie Studios Approve $30 Rental Plan, Theater Owners Mightily Upset

    It must be an absolute nightmare being a Hollywood executive in 2011. Four big studios (20th Century Fox, Sony, Universal, and Warner Bros.) have announced plans to introduce a premium video-on-demand service, to debut on DirecTV next month as “Home Premiere,” that will screen movies a mere 60 days after their theatrical debut. Renting such a movie will set you back $30. And if… Read More

  • Movie Gossip: Doom Re-Boot In The Works, To Be Shot In 3D

    Here’s a fun one for your Thursday afternoon enjoyment. It looks like Universal Studios is currently shopping around a script to re-make the Doom movie, only this time it will be shot in 3D. Will Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson return? (That’s him to the left, cutting a promo on John Cena, as you do.) Unknown. Will the movie be nothing more than empty action? Almost certainly. Read More

  • Get Ready For Blade Runner Sequels!

    Here, allow me to ruin your Thursday for you: the production company behind such films as The Blind Side and The Book of Eli is planning to resurrect the Blade Runner franchise! Yay! Read More

  • Memes Could Hit The Silver Screen In "The Chronicles of Rick Roll"

    Move over, Chronicles of Narnia, there’s a new dreamworld of magic in town. That’s right. Andrew Fischer, CEO of Colorado-based marketing company NURV, has recruited a stellar cast of Meme-lebrities, including Antoine Dodson of Hide Yo Wife, Hide Yo Kids fame, Double Rainbow videographer Paul Vasquez, Brian Collins (the “Boom goes the dynamite” kid), and “Numa… Read More

  • MPAA: Despite Piracy, 2010 Was Record Year For The Movie Business

    The Motion Picture Association of America says [PDF] the movie industry had its biggest year ever last year. This, despite the fact that folks like the “US Copyright Group” have gone after people for ruining said industry. Down is up, black is white, and the New York Mets are a well-run organization. Read More

  • Someone At Apple A Product Placement Genius, Appearance In 30% Of Top Movies In 2010

    You’ve all seen it before: Apple products in movies. They’re everywhere, from the Mac that save the day in Independence Day to Sex and the City. According to the wiki on product placement, Apple does not pay for this, but also doesn’t say how they get in there. Last year, Apple products showed up in 30% of top movies; but the trend is decreasing — 2009 was 46%, 2008 at 50%. Read More