• Wireless mouse with built-in gyro sensor for holding presentations

    Japan-based Sanwa Supply is offering a wireless mouse [JP] that’s specifically designed for controlling presentations. Thanks to the built-in gyro sensor, you can move the mouse around like a Wiimote to highlight certain areas with a laser pointer (which is also built in) or light, zoom in or out of pages, write or underline text with a virtual pen, flip pages by moving your hand etc. Read More

  • Mionix Naos 3200 gaming mouse does gaming mouse things

    There’s a new gaming mouse in town, amigos. It’s the Mionix NAOS 3200, and it’s made of “carefully selected high-end components.” What kind of components? I’m guessing dark matter. Read More

  • A concept ambidextrous mouse, for your perusal

    Do you like computer mice? Do you like ambidexterity? Do you like looking at renderings of concept products that are not yet real? Today, my friend, is your lucky day. Gaze upon the Nink wireless optical mouse. Imagine the feel of that corrugated shell under either your right or your left palm. Visualize the sensation of using either index finger to tenderly scroll that wheel up and down, up… Read More

  • The LD89 mouse from Lexon, everyone

    Note: That’s a mouse, not a lady pleaser. Read More

  • The Razer Abyssus Mirror Special Edition is pretty and shiny

    Razer introduced the world to its ambidextrous Abyssus gaming mouse late last year and now we’re seeing the second member to the line. While we weren’t too happy about its $50 price tag seeing as its just a simple two button mouse, we knew deep down it’s a quality kit. Razer doesn’t put out bad products. The company just outed the Abyssus Mirror Special Edition that… Read More

  • SteelSeries sneaks out the R.U.S.E. special edition mouse

    SteelSeries seems to have worked out their new favorite niche recently, between their World of Warcraft, and StarCraft II themed products. Add another couple of products to that list, with the R.U.S.E mouse and the QcK gaming surface (don’t call it a mouse pad). Read More

  • Nikukyu Mouse: Thanko's cat paw computer mouse

    Long time no hear from Tokyo-based crap gadget maker Thanko. About for weeks ago, the USB specialist released a mouse with a built-in speaker, only to follow up today with the Nikukyu Mouse [JP], a mouse that looks like a cat paw for some reason. Read More

  • Razer announces left handed gaming mouse

    Razer has definitely been working the gaming mojo this month, first the Mac driver announcement and now DeathAdder. Long neglected by manufacturers because they are of the devil, left handed gamers have had to use an ambidextrous mouse or suffer from poor ergonomics. Razer has heard their cries of pain, and released (what I consider) the best gaming mouse in a left handed model. Read More

  • Thanko's mouse has a built-in speaker

    Tokyo-based crap gadget maker Thanko continues to amaze. The company today announced [JP] a mouse with an integrated speaker, believe it or not (Thanko already gave us the “mid-air” mouse, the USB cooler mouse, a heated mouse, and a liquid mouse). Read More