• Full Steve Jobs MobileMe e-mail

    Full Steve Jobs MobileMe e-mail

    Below you’ll find the entire “MobileMe launch wasn’t very good” e-mail Steve Jobs sent to employees. He sent it on Monday, claims Ars. Team, The launch of MobileMe was not our finest hour. There are several things we could have done better: – MobileMe was simply not up to Apple’s standards – it clearly needed more time and testing. – Rather than… Read More

  • Steve Jobs admits MobileMe not up to Apple's standards

    Steve Jobs admits MobileMe not up to Apple's standards

    Steve Jobs has admitted that the MobileMe launch was “not up to Apple’s standards.” That’s in reference to all the problems the service has had since it launched last month. Jobs admitted as much in an internal e-mail sent to Apple employees, which Ars Technica got a hold of. He said MobileMe shouldn’t have been launched on the same day as iPhone 3G, Firmware 2.0 and… Read More

  • MobileMe syncing issues fixed, mail restored for the unlucky 1%

    MobileMe syncing issues fixed, mail restored for the unlucky 1%

    If you’re been part of the 1% of MobileMe subscribers unable to actually use their MobileMe accounts, the MobileMe Status blog has good news for you. From a post made yesterday morning: “We have completed restoring Mail service, including historical messages, to all of the 1% of affected members.” If your MobileMe set-up is still all kinds of broken, they’ve set up a… Read More

  • Apple issues MobileMe status update

    Apple issues MobileMe status update

    Updated sometime yesterday, Apple has given it’s status report regarding the epic failure of MobileMe. Here’s what they had to say. Steve Jobs has asked me to write a posting every other day or so to let everyone know what’s happening with MobileMe, and I’m working directly with the MobileMe group to ensure that we keep you really up to date. In the 14 days since we… Read More

  • Fortune says heads will roll over MobileMe

    Fortune says heads will roll over MobileMe

    Even sheltered by the glow of the iPhone, Apple’s MobileMe fumble isn’t sitting well with the public. MobileMe, Apple’s answer to keeping e-mails, contacts and calendar appointments synced across multiple devices has suffered since it stumbled out of the gate July 10, and now people are calling for bloody vengeance. And by people, I mean Philip Elmer-DeWitt over at… Read More

  • Me: The kiss of death for software projects

    Me: The kiss of death for software projects

    Is the word “Me” responsible for the problems with MobileMe? Labnol points out that that three major “me” initiatives – Windows Me, .me, and MobileMe all angered folks immediately and nearly failed – or did fail. Read More

  • Now Walt Mossberg hates on MobileMe

    Now Walt Mossberg hates on MobileMe

    As if you didn’t know, MobileMe hasn’t exactly launched without a hitch. Now Walt Mossberg, angel, has jumped atop the dog pile, and is refusing to recommend the service right now. Mossberg cites too-infrequent-to-be-useful 15 sync times; sluggish performance; weird Outlook glitches; and so on. Basically, MobileMe is a little buggy, which we’ve known for some time now. But now… Read More

  • Me abortive Me Session

    Me abortive Me Session

    Before Like most Mactards this morning I headed over to to check out the new goodies. As I logged in I was presented with the MobileMe screen with an array of icons and my excitement, needless to say, was palpable and turgid. Sadly, however, my palpability deflated as I was then kicked back to the MobileMe intro page again and again, thwarted from enjoying MobileMe features. Words cannot… Read More

  • .Mac going dark tomorrow

    .Mac going dark tomorrow

    .Mac is reporting: MobileMe Launch 7/9/2008, 6pm-12am PT As part of the MobileMe launch, will be taken offline at 6pm PT on Wednesday, July 9th. Members will be unable to access or any .Mac services during this time with the exception of .Mac Mail accessed via a desktop application, iPhone, or iPod touch. MobileMe will be available as soon as possible during… Read More