• Bing Tries To Take Over Web Search On Your iPhone By Making It App-Beautiful

    Bing Tries To Take Over Web Search On Your iPhone By Making It App-Beautiful

    Bing is on a roll. Yesterday, it released Bing Entertainment and a new iPhone app. And today it is following up with an update to its mobile web search at Bing only recently became a search option on the iPhone, but it really wants to become your default mobile search engine.  In fact, if you are not careful, Bing will take over as your default search engine the first… Read More

  • Report: Mobile Searches Estimated To Grow To 20 Percent Of Total By 2012

    Mobile search could grow from 9 percent of all queries this year to 20 percent by 2012, estimates RBC analyst Ross Sandler in a new report issued today. There is still a huge gap between mobile’s share of overall search queries and its share of search advertising. Sandler estimates that mobile will still represent less than 2 percent of search ad budgets this year, compared to the… Read More

  • Searchme Launches Visual Search Engine For Mobile Devices

    Searchme is starting to focus much of its time in the mobile space. Last week, it said it will launch an iPhone app and today it announced that it has launched a visual search engine for mobile devices that can be accessed by surfing to the company’s mobile page. Searchme’s visual search engine delivers results as a browsable list of “pages,” which are actually images… Read More

  • Yahoo! unveils plans for voice-enabled mobile search

    Marco Boerries, EVP Yahoo! I just sat in on a Yahoo! press conference here at CTIA and learned a little more about the company’s plans to integrate its “oneSearch 2.0″ features into mobile phones. The three key elements that Yahoo! is emphasizing are an open development platform, easier ways to search, including voice queries, and idle screen search integration. Sounds like… Read More