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  • Images of Nokia Tube keep on comin'

    I’m not really sure what to make of these images. They’re clearly showcasing the Tube‘s Web browser, but images clearly don’t do anything to get us excited about this device. How about some video, Read More

  • Motorola "Alexander" revealed, runs WinMo, so long Moto

    Motorola’s last gasp to stay afloat might as well have been a twinkie or something. An image of the “Alexander” has been leaked to BGR and it’s not looking good. Sure, the slider looks decent, but it’s said to be running Windows Mobile 6.1 and that’s just not acceptable. Previous rumors on specs haven’t changed much with the camera in the… Read More

  • Nokia 5800 Tube caught in the wild, looks like the device in The Dark Knight

    Don’t think I believed you for even a tenth of a second, Nokia. Digi.QQ has some hot photos, a few need a smidge less flash, of the XpressMusic 5800 aka Tube. The S60 OS-based device is purported to have a 640×360 resolution 3.2-inch screen along with built-in GPS, haptic feedback and a 3.2-megapixel camera. Other specs after the jump with a gallery of photos. Read More

  • Tube-like device in The Dark Knight is not real, says Nokia

    In the summer blockbuster, The Dark Knight, a Nokia device is prominently featured. We worked closely with the producers of The Dark Knight to develop an appropriate device that would suit the technology-savvy character of Batman. The Nokia device used in the film is not a commercial product – at this point. I still think it’s the Tube or whatever it’s being called. Read More

  • Verizon Wireless announces Motorola V750

    The V750 will save Motorola’s mobile phone unit from going under because it’s military-grade tough and resists shock, vibrations, drastic altitude changes, dust, high/low temps, and solar radiation. The push-to-talk clamshell features a 2.2-inch internal screen and 1.6-inch external. It also has a 2-megapixel camera and supports A2DP devices. Beat that iPhone! The V750 can be… Read More

  • FCC reveals Velocity Mobile is not vaporware

    I was just thinking about Velocity Mobile this last week and was wondering when they might actually launch one of their Windows Mobile devices. We first saw them at CTIA in April, but haven’t heard a peep out of them until now. The 103 is now in the FCC database, which leads us to believe an official launch date may be announced in the coming weeks. I’m still a bit skeptical as to… Read More

  • Creepy Japanese mobile phone commercial

    This commercial for Sony Ericsson’s W63S is currently airing on Japanese TV stations. It’s kind of original but it really creeps me out. The person in the video is Oguri Shun, a famous Japanese actor. Read More

  • Flipswap: Send in your old phone for $$$, plant a tree and donate to charity

    Sending in your old phone or iPod for money isn’t anything new, but I recently found Flipswap and they’re a little bit different than other services out there. For one thing, everything is free and they even pay for your shipping costs. I’m not sure how their algorithm works, but they claim to give the highest trade-in value for your phone. Simply input your info, answer a… Read More

  • Rumor: Sprint pushing out software update for Samsung Instinct this Monday?

    According to Instinct-Samsung forum poster lrosenman, Sprint is getting ready to push out a software update on 6/30/08. No idea what the software update will entail if there is one at all, but we’ve got a couple Instincts floating around the office, so we’ll check on it in a couple days. I apologize for your disappointment regarding some of the software. We will have a software… Read More

  • LG Dare available today from Verizon Wireless

    Available today online and in stores on July 3 is the LG Dare. The latest device from LG has a 3-inch touchscreen with handwriting recognition, a 3.2-megapixel camera with face detection and LED flash. To be honest, those seem to be the major highlights for this device. Full specs after the jump. Oh, it’s priced at $199 after a $50 MIR and two-year contract. Read More

  • AT&T pegs stars from "The Hills" for LG Shine commercial

    Celebrity endorsements have been the norm for ages, but AT&T has taken this too far. I guess I understand the demographic they’re going for for the LG Shine, but, come on, seriously, a blond dimwit from Laguna Beach and her dumb boyfriend from an MTV show? The dbag did find a fun way to use that mirrored finish, though. via GeekSugar Read More

  • "Dark Project" device "Alexander" pegged as Motorola's last stand

    BGR, like he usually does, has word from Motorola insiders that a new flagship model is coming and that it will make or break the mobile division. Didn’t that already happen? “Alexander” as it’s being codenamed comes equipped with an 8-megapixel camera, GPS and few other goodies. Look for it to hit the streets in October. All other purported specs after the jump. Read More

  • Web browsing on the iPhone in Japan will be cheaper than on other smartphones

    Today Softbank, the company to introduce the 3G iPhone in Japan on July 11th, announced [JP] the price plan for this country. The 8GB model will cost $213, while the 16GB version will be sold for $325 (to be paid over a period of 2 years). Softbank is known to be the pricebreaker in Japan’s highly competitive mobile telecommunications market. The company said it will not follow a… Read More

  • Verizon announces trio of LG devices for summer

    I guess you have no choice but to announce a few handsets that have been leaked all over the place or it was all just coincidence. Whatever the case, Verizon Wireless has just pulled back the covers on the LG Decoy, Dare and Chocolate 3. Pricing was not disclosed, but we do know the Dare is coming later this month. The Decoy will launch on the 16th (we already knew that) and the Chocolate… Read More

  • World's first solar battery charger for cell phones

    Japanese companies StrapyaNext and Tokyo Coil Engineering claim they developed the world’s first battery charger for cell phones based on solar energy. The charger comes in the form of a phone strap. The device is 12.5 cm long and weighs 40 grams. It takes between 6 and 10 hours for a full charge with which you can talk for up to 40 minutes. StrapyaNext promises on the product page… Read More

  • Softbank presents 11 new Japanese cell phones

    Today Japanese telecommunications giant Softbank unveiled their cell phone line-up for sommer 2008. Starting in July, the company will roll out a total of 11 new handsets in Japan. 3 models are mady by Sharp, NEC and Panasonic each while 2 come from Toshiba. Nothing amazing here, but some of the handsets come with a couple of cool features. Read More

  • LG Decoy launching June 16 with Verizon

    I know nothing of the LG Decoy, but the slider appears to have a built-in Bluetooth headset, which is kind of cool. It also comes with a 2-megapixel camera and microSD slot. The Decoy will be available on June 16 for $179 after a $50 rebate with a 2-year contract. Read More

  • Samsung's latest S60 device, L870, claims Safari browser

    Yes, it’s another stainless steel bodied slider from Samsung. The S60 device features a 2.4-inch QVGA screen, MP3 player with stereo Bluetooh, a 3-megapixel camera, FM radio with RDS, and a handful of apps to keep you more productive. Seems fine and dandy, but the spec sheet reveals a “Safari” browser. It’s not Apple’s Safari browser. It’s actually the… Read More

  • Willcom unveils new designer smartphone

    Tokyo-based telecommunications company Willcom presented its newest smartphone today. The WILLCOM 03, which seems to be an iPhone competitor in some ways, was developed by Sharp. It comes with a 3 inch WVGA LCD touch screen (480×800 resolution), measures 50x116x17.9mm and weighs 135g. Other functions include compatibility to One-Seg-TV, a 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth and a micro SD… Read More

  • HTC increases Touch Diamond shipments

    HTC CEO Peter Chou spoke at a symposium in Tokyo yesterday where he raised the projected shipment of Touch Diamond devices from two million to three million citing that it would only take seven months to sell three million units. The original Touch took roughly 11 months to sell three million handsets and Chou believes the Touch Diamond will be more popular thus the increase. Read More