• Baseball prepares itself for on-the-field instant replay

    Not even instant replay could help this team As if baseball isn’t slow enough already, it now looks like the MLB will allow the use of instant replay to help make on-the-field calls. Don’t tell the purists. The deal, which is all but done but not *quite* finished, is such that instant replay will start being used before the end of the month. Use of instant replay will be limited… Read More

  • MLB Signs StubHub To Sell Secondary Tickets

    Major League Baseball and StubHub are now holding hands, according to a Reuters report. StubHub will supply ticket reselling services to 30 MLB-run team websites, taking a chunk out of the $25 million online baseball ticket marketplace. Individual franchises that operate independently of are free to use ticket resellers of their choosing, as are fans reselling tickets. All tickets… Read More