• Topps: Iconic Trading Cards Brand Goes Beyond Cardboard With First-Ever Mobile Apps

    Topps: Iconic Trading Cards Brand Goes Beyond Cardboard With First-Ever Mobile Apps

    Topps, the company best known for its Bazooka bubble gum and for essentially inventing and popularizing trading cards in the 1950s, is today releasing its first-ever mobile apps in conjunction with the start of the 2012 Major League Baseball season. That’s right. People of all ages may remember collecting and trading their favorite players’ cards as youngsters, and though trading… Read More

  • MLB's TagOramic Lets You Stare Into The Face Of Each And Every Fan At The World Series

    Were you lucky enough to attend one of the MLB playoff games this month? Then you’ll want to check out TagOramic, a nifty feature on that was built to celebrate the Fall Classic. Over the course of the playoffs, MLB has taken some absolutely massive panoramic photos of each stadium — and they’ve taken them at high enough resolution that you can zoom in and see each… Read More

  • What could be better than watching MLB games on your PS3?

    Back in my day a video game console was a video game console. Now? They’re all over the place. The latest example: Sony has inked a deal with Major League Baseball to bring live baseball games to a PS3 near you. Read More

  • It's time for the MLB to adopt instant replay

    Look, I’d be lying if I said I followed baseball this season. I’m a Mets guy, and you just know that, once April hits, you’re in for a reasonably OK season, but one that just looses steam as the months go by. So why bother? What I can say, though, is that, given all this evidence, it’s about time that baseball adopt the instant replay. Correct calls outweigh… Read More

  • Baseball prepares itself for on-the-field instant replay

    Not even instant replay could help this team As if baseball isn’t slow enough already, it now looks like the MLB will allow the use of instant replay to help make on-the-field calls. Don’t tell the purists. The deal, which is all but done but not *quite* finished, is such that instant replay will start being used before the end of the month. Use of instant replay will be limited… Read More

  • MLB Signs StubHub To Sell Secondary Tickets

    Major League Baseball and StubHub are now holding hands, according to a Reuters report. StubHub will supply ticket reselling services to 30 MLB-run team websites, taking a chunk out of the $25 million online baseball ticket marketplace. Individual franchises that operate independently of are free to use ticket resellers of their choosing, as are fans reselling tickets. All tickets… Read More