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  • Binder Reviews On Fill With Romney-Related Comments

    Binder Reviews On Fill With Romney-Related Comments

    OK, it’s no Three Wolf Moon t-shirt, but it’s still pretty funny. Following Mitt Romney’s comment about “binders full of women” at this week’s presidential debate, the customer review sections for various binders on have been filling up with hilarious comments. For example, see this Avery Durable View Binder or this Avery Economy Binder. Read More

  • Power Play With Zach Moffatt, Digital Director on the Mitt Romney For President Campaign

    Mitt Romney’s Digital Director Zac Moffatt: You Can’t Run A Political Campaign Without Digital

    At TechCrunch Disrupt today, our own Greg Ferenstein interviewed Mitt Romney’s Digital Director Zac Moffatt. The discussion touched upon a wide variety of issues, ranging from the importance of online ads in political campaigns to the allegations that the Romney campaign bought Twitter followers. As Ferenstein noted at the start of the panel, politics is becoming very important for… Read More

  • Could Romney Really Ban Porn?

    Could Romney Really Ban Porn?

    Republican Presidential front-runner, Mitt Romney, may hold the most unpopular stance in American history: he wants to ban as much porn as he can. A 2007 video (below) of Romney promising to place porn filters on every new computer have resurfaced after his legal adviser “assured” President Reagan’s anti-porn legal crusader that Romney sticks by his pledge to curtail porn… Read More