• Robocalypse Now: Toy-sized combat robot fires "pyrophoric warheads"

    I’m torn here. Not literally torn, as I expect to be when the robots take over and my body is used for spare parts, but morally torn. On one hand, here we have a little robot that could venture into dangerous situations via remote control and detonate bombs or flush out enemy dudes. Could save lives. On the other hand, here we have a little robot that, given the spark of strong AI… Read More

  • U.S. military launches unmanned X-37B spacecraft. Too bad it refuses to tell us what it's for!

    It’s all a bit like Mass Effect. The U.S. Air Force successfully launched the X-37B unmanned spacecraft yesterday, but the question that nobody knows the answer to: what’s it for? The Air Force refuses to say what the X-37B’s mission on beyond something along the lines “we wanted to see if it works.” OK, but do you plan on doing with it? “Sorry… Read More

  • HP plans wrist-mounted e-ink display for space marines

    First, a trivia question: how many of you remember Super Force? Because that’s the first thing I thought of when I saw this picture. Even more, this Starcrafty Korean concept soldiers. Moving on, though… remember that wrist-mounted device HP showed off in its “let’s do amazing” ads a little while back? Turns out they were showing an old model: the plan now is to… Read More

  • Those drones you use in Modern Warfare 2? They could be illegal in real life.

    You know all those drones you kids use to rain grim death upon your unfortunate friends in Modern Warfare 2? Well, according to an American University law professor’s Congressional testimony, they may be illegal under international law. Of course, they could be totally fine, too, it’s just that nobody really knows for sure. That’s probably not what the U.S. military wants… Read More

  • Video: The $113.5 million F-35B Lightning II can float in the air for a little bit

    There’s a certain amount of pride in seeing a country pump out something like the new F-35B Lightning II fighter jet. At $113.5 million per aircraft, it’s about as far away from the meaning of the word “inexpensive” as possible. It makes you think, well, if we can afford things like that, why can’t we afford things like this? But, whatever. The entire purpose of… Read More

  • If only you had actually seen The Hurt Locker

    Who saw The Hurt Locker? Oh, right: none of you. Even if you didn’t you probably are already familiar with the basic concept: a U.S. Army guy whose job it is to disable I.E.D.s sorta goes crazy. That’s the gist of it. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense in the UK has unveiled something called the Dragon Runner, a remote-controlled robot that disables bombs. Read More

  • Bunker buster robot will be like an underground missile

    Well, there goes Zion. That rave-lovin’ excuse for a remnant of humanity would have been taken out in a trice by these Robotic Underground Munitions. And so it will be once the Robocalypse hits. Why are we doing the machines’ job for them? Here, I’ve got a better name for these bunker-busting subterranean missiles: Drill-based Earth-Asploding Terrifying Horrorbots. Read More

  • 360-degree virtual combat room is like Iraq: The Arcade Game

    Just so you know, I’m not making light of warfare — it’s just that virtual training like this, while valuable, does remind one simultaneously of Modern Warfare and Ender’s Game. Of course, as this article notes, the current generation of potential soldiers has grown up in a digital age and expects a little Xbox with their ammo box. Read More

  • CrunchCool: Russian Typhoon class submarine

    Here’s something old, but definitely cool and worth showing you. Livejournal user Igor113 posted some pictures from his trip to… somewhere in Russia. He loves to travel and take pictures, and these are some extremely cool photographs of some rusted and cool equipment. Igor did apologize for the quality of his camera though, and requests that you don’t kick his legs. Read More

  • DARPA planning to test Mach 6 hyperplane in April

    This rather unconvincing video shows a current project of DARPA’s, in which a jet is accelerated first by regular propulsion, then ramjets, then scramjets — eventually pushing the vehicle to a ridiculous Mach 6. That’s somewhere around 1700-2000 meters per second, or ~4000MPH. That’s if they can keep the thing from breaking apart. Wikipedia tells us that “while… Read More

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