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  • Is The Next Big Game Company In The Middle East? Peak Hits 9.7M DAU, Revenue Up 600% Since Jan. 1

    Is The Next Big Game Company In The Middle East? Peak Hits 9.7M DAU, Revenue Up 600% Since Jan. 1

    Over the last several months, the biggest Western social gaming companies have been making moves, and attracting attention as a result. Japanese gaming giant GREE bought Funzio for $210 million to help it move into Western markets, and Zynga grabbed Draw Something creator OMGPOP for $183 million. Meanwhile, European social gaming companies, like Sweden’s King.com and Germany’s… Read More

  • WITN?: Can Foosball Tables Save the Middle East? (TCTV)

    Endeavor— a non-profit that encourages high-impact entrepreneurship in the emerging world– likes to go to counties where people wouldn’t expect a lot of sophisticated high-growth entrepreneurship to be. Thirteen years ago when Endeavor started that was easy, just go outside Western Europe or the US. But today, entrepreneurship is exploding in places we wouldn’t have… Read More

  • UN agency doesn't rule out sabotage in undersea cable outages

    Maybe it was sabotage? Hmmmmmm The International Telecommunications Union, a UN organization, has not ruled out sabotage as the cause of some of those undersea cable outages that plagued the Middle East a few weeks ago. The official explanation—that a ship’s anchor did the damage—apparently can only explain one outage. Essentially, the ITU doesn’t want to rule anything… Read More

  • Abandoned anchor responsible for damaged Middle East Internet cables

    [photopress:goneundersea.jpg,full,right] Not quite sharks with lasers attached to their heads. ’twas an abaonded anchor that cut all those Middle East undersea Internet cables. The 5.5 ton (!) anchor is owned by one of the companies (FLAG Telecom) whose cables were cut. No one knows exactly how the anchor cut the cables—have you seen how complicated those things are?—but FLAG… Read More