• Exclusive preview of upcoming Halo title The video about is gameplay footage up Bungie’s yet-to-be-titled Halo game for the Xbox 360. Hit play and let the fun begin. After the jump, more details on what the game will be like. Read More

  • Why Windows users don't like Macs: They're ignorant!

    Why Windows users don't like Macs: They're ignorant!

    I always try to be generous and kind when the mentally deficient come to my doorstep selling candy or trying to convince me Windows is great. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes III Esq., a ZDNet blogger, tries to inform us why Apple is better than Windows and/or vice versa and just ends up confusing us all. In the end, however, he believes that people don’t switch to Macs because of the time it… Read More

  • Free HD DVDs*

    Free HD DVDs*

    *Just ahead of the holiday push the HD DVD camp is at it again with another offering of five free HD DVDs with the purchase of an Xbox 360 HD DVD player, Toshiba DVD player and Toshiba HD DVD computer. The list of titles seem decent this time around, but they’re free so who really cares. If you haven’t already picked up a 360 console and you love Frank Miller’s 300 then… Read More

  • Sansa spokeswoman will shave her head if Zune overtakes her company in holiday sales

    Remember last year’s WrestleMania 23, when Vince McMahon lost a hair vs. hair match against Donald Trump? (There’s the clip to refresh your memory.) OK, so it was Bobby Lashley vs. Umaga, but you know what I mean. Take that scenario—a hair vs. hair match, very popular in Mexican lucha libre—and apply it to the sales of the Microsoft Zune 2 and the Sansa series of PMPs. Read More

  • Real or Fake? Halo 3 bundle

    Real or Fake? Halo 3 bundle

    Yesterday Microsoft announced a new holiday bundle and that was all fine and dandy, but someone over in Spain had to go and ruin all the fun. What you see above is a purported Halo 3 bundle purchased in Spain. The console is a lowly 20GB version with an HDMI port (no cable) and the Spaniard who purchased it claims to have paid $540. That’s pretty steep considering the Elite system is… Read More

  • Microsoft Sidewinder gaming mouse quick look

    Microsoft Sidewinder gaming mouse quick look

    Microsoft’s latest edition to the world of high performance gaming periphery is the customizable Sidewinder Gaming Mouse. The mouse boasts a resolution of 2000dpi, somewhat standard nowadays for high performance mice. Some other specifications include 7080 frames per second image processing, max acceleration of 20G and a max speed of 45 inches per second. But the most interesting feature… Read More

  • Zune Car Pack: it's like you're a DJ…

    Zune Car Pack: it's like you're a DJ…

    Main Entry: disc jockey
    Variant(s): or disk jockey
    Function: noun
    : an announcer of a radio show of popular recorded music; also : one who plays recorded music for dancing at a nightclub or party Yet… Taking a road trip? The Zune® Car Pack gives you everything you need to be your own DJ, listening to your tunes through your car stereo while keeping your Zune charged. So, with the Zune… Read More

  • Halo: Movie is dead, Halo 4 coming

    I’ve been playing Halo 3 all weekend and it got me thinking about the Halo movie that’s been talked about for well over a year. Most of you have seen the shorts (video above) that fueled part of the record-breaking sales the latest adventure from freshly divorced Bungie and I’m sure it made you think about the upcoming movie, but I’m sad to report that the film is dead. Read More

  • Holiday bundles from Microsoft include two free games

    Holiday bundles from Microsoft include two free games

    Just in time for the holiday rush, Microsoft is giving away two worthwhile games for the holiday console bundles. As if the recent price cuts weren’t enough to entice you, how about Forza Motorsport 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance? Both titles will be included in the Premium (whatever they want to call it) and Elite sets. The holiday bundles will be available at the end of the month in… Read More

  • Microsoft: gPhone is lies and fabrications, Windows Mobile great, you people know nothing

    Microsoft: gPhone is lies and fabrications, Windows Mobile great, you people know nothing

    Scott “The Rock” Rockfeld sat down with InformationWeek to discuss the Google Phone, Google’s purchase of mobile spectrum, how great Google is, and how super Google is. His assessment? Google is stupid heads and Windows Mobile is on 11 million phones and Google is for dumb heads. The real money shot? Get ready… when asked what hot MS products are coming up — a… Read More

  • Halo 3 Video: My WiLL Be Done My buddy Chris “D-Wars: Freestyle” K. sent this to me yesterday and I didn’t really think anything of it because I still haven’t played the game and I sort of didn’t watch it until now. Sorry, dude. This is pretty amazing and any gamer can appreciate what BlackShadowMist pulled off. I BlackShadowMist pull off one of… Read More

  • Bungie is free to do what it wants any old time

    Bungie is free to do what it wants any old time

    As of 8:00am PDT, Bungie is now a separate entity and will work in tight partnership with Microsoft. The software giant will own equity of the new spin-off and both will share ideas and intellectual property. The press release is kind of weird: “Working with Microsoft was great for us, it allowed us to grow as a team and make the ambitious, blockbuster games we all wanted to work on. … Read More

  • HD DVD camp forms group to promote interactivity

    HD DVD camp forms group to promote interactivity

    Say hello to the new Advanced Interactivity Consortium. Its goal is to promote "superior interactivity for a wide range of next-generation consumer devices, digital content and distribution scenarios [and] maximize consumer satisfaction worldwide by accelerating industrywide adoption of advanced interactivity and interoperability across a broad array of HD DVD products." Read More

  • Zune gets a new daddy

    Zune gets a new daddy

    Microsoftie Rick Thompson is taking over as vice-president in charge of Zune business operations, reporting directly to the great iron god, J Allard. Thompson originally worked with Allard on the Xbox but flitted back and forth in the company until finding his proper home helming the best damn music player that isn’t made by Archos, Apple, Creative, Sandisk, or EvergreenChina MP3… Read More

  • Zune 30 for $100, thanks Woot!

    Zune 30 for $100, thanks Woot!

    With the announcement of the new fleet of Zune’s the price of the aged version begins to fall. A lot. The player is still great and will receive all the fancy new functionality in the form of a software update that includes syncing via Wi-Fi. Woot just released a special hush-hush deal in which they are selling a limited number of factory refurbished units for only $100, that means you… Read More

  • SEGA Winter Wonderland Event

    SEGA Winter Wonderland Event

    Yesterday, I managed to muster enough strength to drag myself to SEGA’s Winter Wonderland event at the Royalton Hotel in Manhattan. Upon arriving at the Penthouse floor, I saw a few LCD screens setup, all with Xbox 360s or Nintendo Wiis – not one PS3. There were only seven to 10 games total to see and all the coolest ones were under embargo, so the event was pretty lame. Read More

  • Microsoft to offer DRM-free music this November

    Microsoft to offer DRM-free music this November

    Microsoft is planning a revamp of the Zune Marketplace this November which will include about a million DRM-free music tracks out of it’s 3-million track catalogue. That’s a good sign because it’s hopefully showing that the tide is shifting, albeit slowly, away from digital rights management altogether. It’s unknown whether Microsoft will charge a premium for the… Read More

  • Microsoft Beats Google To Online Health Records With HealthVault

    Microsoft Beats Google To Online Health Records With HealthVault

    It’s not often that Microsoft gets the drop on Google. But today it launched HealthVault in beta, a free online repository where anyone can keep their personal health records.   Meanwhile, Google Health has yet to launch, having recently lost its leader Adam Bosworth. With HealthVault, you can import your health records from your doctors, hospitals, labs, prescription drug plans… Read More

  • XBox 360 Arcade console found online

    XBox 360 Arcade console found online

    Sony’s PlayStation 3 Need an XBox 360 without a hard drive? Sure, we all do. That’s why you can buy the $279.99 Arcade console AKA the Core from Amazon and Toys R Us on October 23. The product, which leaked through the sales channels, includes a 256MB memory module, which is just enough for Ms. Pac Man and maybe three game saves. It will also include 5 free XBox Live Arcade… Read More

  • Who's next in line for Halo?

    Who's next in line for Halo?

    John Harvard, everyone. With all the speculation going around since yesterday over an alleged split between Bungie and Microsoft, you have wonder who would release the next Halo game. I know the Trilogy is over. Duh. But Microsoft knows how big a cash cow this title has become so what studio would pick up the slack if Bungie refuses to work on it? CK, a former industry insider, had this to say. Read More