• What To Look For During Microsoft’s Announcement Of Office 2013 Today

    What To Look For During Microsoft’s Announcement Of Office 2013 Today

    Microsoft is expected to announce the next version of Office today, and it has already prepped a new “Office Next” blog in advance of the official details. Internally, the project has been known as Office 15, but unless Microsoft plans to disrupt its standard naming conventions (now, that would be news!), we’re awaiting arrival of “Office 2013″ today – a… Read More

  • “Office On The iPad” App CloudOn Raises $16 Million, Is Adding Group Collaboration

    “Office On The iPad” App CloudOn Raises $16 Million, Is Adding Group Collaboration

    CloudOn – yes, the company known best for bringing Microsoft Office to the iPad – has just closed a $16 million Series B round led by The Social+Capital Partnership with participation from Translink Capital as well as existing investors Foundation Capital and Rembrandt Venture Partners. Mamoon Hamid, General Partner at Social+Capital, will now join CloudOn’s Board of… Read More

  • Symbian Gets Productivity Power-Up With New Microsoft Office Mobile Apps

    Symbian Gets Productivity Power-Up With New Microsoft Office Mobile Apps

    The most notable fruit of Microsoft and Nokia’s close working relationship is certainly the handsome line of Lumia Windows Phones, but the deal has had its share of fringe benefits as well. Take its impact on Symbian for instance — Microsoft announced last September that they would be giving the platform a shot in the arm with the initially Windows Phone-only Office… Read More

  • AudioMicro Partners With Microsoft: Free Music, Sound Effects For Office 2010 Users

    AudioMicro, a site where you can find royalty-free stock music and sound effects backed by DFJ Frontier and Fotolia, has struck a deal with Microsoft to provide music and sound effect files to Microsoft Office 2010 users worldwide. Under the terms of the licensing and distribution deal, Microsoft Office 2010 users are able to select from a hand-picked collection of over 1,500 music tracks… Read More

  • Why I’m Craigslisting My iPads

    You can definitely call me an Apple fanboy: I’ve bought practically every device that Steve Jobs has made since 1985—when I got my first Macintosh. I own an Apple TV, several iPods, a Macbook Pro, a Macbook Air, an iMac, two iPhones, and two iPads (one was a gift). For various reasons, I need to use Microsoft Outlook and Windows, so I run these in a virtual machine on my Mac. Read More

  • Hold onto your hat: Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 leaked

    Still using BitTorrent? Using a Mac? Want to try out a leaked beta of Microsoft Office 2011? Clearly you see where I’m going with this. Read More

  • Imitation Isn't Always Flattery: Microsoft Previews Google Apps Killer To Beta Testers

    Imitation isn’t always the sincerest form of flattery, and this is certainly the case for Microsoft in the development and launch of its web-based browser versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote. All based in the cloud, the web-based versions of these products, which are aggressive competitors to Google Apps, have fewer features than their desktop cousins but still give users… Read More

  • Google Launches A Major Offensive Against Microsoft With "Going Google"

    Microsoft and Google have seen their rivalry kicked up a notch in recent weeks. First, Google announced Chrome OS, the company’s first operating system. Then Microsoft announced the new version of Office with major cloud app support. Then Microsoft announced its deal to take over Yahoo’s search business. Starting today, Google is back on the offensive, with a major promotional… Read More

  • Why Chrome OS Now? Because Microsoft Office In The Cloud Comes Monday.

    The timing of Google’s announcement of Chrome OS was curious. I don’t mean the fact that Google moved up the post on it by a day when some details leaked out, I mean the fact that they were announcing it on some seemingly random date in July, well before anything is actually ready to show off. Now, we likely know why. On Monday, Microsoft is set to unveil its plans to counter… Read More

  • China: Office 2007 price drops 70% to combat piracy

    In the war against software piracy, it seems that the rule is: If you can’t beat ‘em, lower the price to almost nothing and hope to make at least a little bit of money. Such is the case in China, where last year’s software piracy rate was over 80% according to the Financial Times. In the hopes of actually selling some stuff over there, Microsoft has lowered the price of… Read More