• Review: ZTE C88 for MetroPCS

    Review: ZTE C88 for MetroPCS

    When choosing a cell phone, you look at price and features with the former being the biggest player, right? Ok, calling/data plans are also a big deal, but most consumers just want a cheap phone regardless. That much we can agree on. But what happens when you don’t want to deal with one of the larger carriers and you’ve got MetroPCS in the area, a carrier that offers unlimited plans? Read More

  • ZTE enters US market with MetroPCS

    ZTE enters US market with MetroPCS

    Today marks ZTE’s (who?) first crack into the US market with a CDMA clamshell for MetroPCS. The C88 features a VGA camera, Bluetooth, e-mail (@metro), 2-inch screen, WAP, 60MB of built-in memory and comes with Sudoku. We’ve got one in house and will be testing it in San Francisco next week since NYC isn’t one of MetroPCS’s markets. It’s a mid-tier device priced at… Read More

  • MetroPCS gets slider from Samsung

    MetroPCS gets slider from Samsung

    Samsung has announced the r410. The latest slider from Samsung has a QWERTY keyboard, stereo Bluetooth, speakerphone (wow!), a built-in VGA camera with night shot, advanced voice recognition, IM and e-mail. Battery life is a paltry 2.5 hours, though. But it comes in red and black. Read More

  • MetroPCS withdraws Leap Wireless bid

    MetroPCS withdraws Leap Wireless bid

    What is it with these two companies? First, they’re more in love than a CBS soap opera. Next thing you know, they’re splitting up and stock is tanking. What’s the deal here? Seems MetroPCS decided it didn’t want to purchase Leap Wireless anymore because it feels it’s already a big enough player in the wireless market. Really a shame. There could have been more… Read More