• Researchers Create Whimsically Charming 3D Printed Metal

    Researchers Create Whimsically Charming 3D Printed Metal

    People so rarely use light string accompaniment as the soundtracks for their 3D printing projects these days, but I think this video deserves it. It depicts a new, syringe-based metal printing system made by researchers at NC State. It uses gallium and indium which oxidizes in air, thereby sealing the droplets together. While you won’t be building any 3D guns with this process –… Read More

  • Gustafsson & Sjogren Lapland Sky Damascus Steel Watch Review

    There are few designs less polarizing in the “I would wear this department” than a watch like the Lapland Sky” from Sweden-based Gustaffson & Sjogren (hereinafter known as “GoS”). While many people can appreciate the beauty of their in-house made Damascus folded steel metal, this is a watch to be worn on the right type of wrist only. I feel confident that I… Read More

  • This Toaster Is So Metal, It Has A Skull AND Crossbones

    When I first saw this device, I was utterly convinced that blood and drop D tuning must pour out of it on an “as-needed” basis. Then I realized that it was just a toaster and proceeded to procure some bread. See, this just isn’t any toaster – this is a toaster that puts a skull and crossbones on every slice of bread you toast. It’s funky, niche, and oozes… Read More