metal gear solid

  • Rumor: New Metal Gear has Really Old Snake?

    Konami’s Hideo Kojima is apparently tearing up GDC right now, and Peter Ha sends us this exclusive photo from the press conference. MISSON: THE NEXT MGS, starring a cane-wilding Snake. So, if Snake went by Old Snake in Metal Gear Solid 4, what do we call Snake this time around? Read More

  • Konami releases first screenshots of the iPhone's Metal Gear Solid Touch

    Right around Christmastime was the last time we heard anything about Metal Gear Solid Touch, Konami’s first game for the iPhone/iPod touch. (Why do people refer to the iPod touch as the “iTouch”?) You play as Old Snake, as he sashays around international hot spots—Eastern Europe, the Middle East, South America and Shadow Moses. Who knew the whole of South America could… Read More

  • Get ready for Metal Gear Solid Touch for the iPhone

    Konami has just eliminated any remaining doubts about the iPhone being a proper video game platform. It just announced that it will release Metal Gear Solid Touch in March, 2009. Available for both the iPhone and iPod touch, the game follows the story laid down by MGS 4, playable over an initial eight levels. More levels will be added after the game’s release. Also, unrelated to Metal… Read More

  • Konami's teaser site launched, questions emerge

    Konami has launched a new teaser site¬†for the next Metal Gear Solid. See for yourself and decide what the green characters mean. I’m not sure any more because I tend to get excited about the series coming to the Xbox 360. But hey, why not? [Via¬† [HR]] Read More

  • Gamer discovers that his uncle is Solid Snake

    According to Gameplayer, a young Australian man named Alastair recently attended his brother’s wedding and realized that an uncle he hadn’t seen for ten years bore a striking resemblance to Solid Snake, of the Metal Gear Solid series. By day, Alastair’s uncle is a carpenter. By night, he’s a swift, silent killing machine. via ALBOTAS Read More

  • ZP on MGS4: Truer words never spoken I like Zero Punctuation because Yahtzee and I essentially share the same view: that Western RPGs are far more lucid and playable than Eastern ones and those who love games like Final Fantasy have to to pick up quite a bit of suspended disbelief at the store every week. While I’m sure this is the most striking game in all the world – both graphically and logistically – I’m hard pressed to say it warrants picking up the PS3 just to play it. Fanboys attack now&hellip… Read More

  • Wal-Mart sells new ‘Metal Gear Solid’ game early

    A big, shiny gold star goes to Konami for being cool about Metal Gear Solid 4 being sold before the June 12th release date. According to PlayStation Universe, “This week, a couple of Wal-Marts were reported to have sold the Metal Gear Solid 80GB PS3 bundles up to a week before the scheduled release of the title on June 12.” Konami’s response to this happy little accident… Read More

  • MGS 4 edition PS3 here on June 12

    To celebrate the upcoming launch of Metal Gear Solid 4, Sony will release a special edition 80GB PlayStation 3 SKU based on the game. Come June 12, you’ll be able to grab a MGS-themed PS3 complete with a pack-in “very, very” limited edition of the game. Oh, and it’ll include the DualShock 3, too. Yowzers! There’s also going to be a plain ol’ limited edition… Read More

  • Rumor squished: Metal Gear Solid 4 not coming to 360, it's final

    The longtime whispers of MGS4 coming out on the 360 have been smushed by a Konami rep, who says that it is indeed a PS3 exclusive and there are no plans to develop a 360 version. People thought that even with epic sales it would be impossible for the team to break even, given the enormous development costs of this gaming juggernaut. Thus the rumors were born and propagated — perhaps… Read More

  • CLAIM: Metal Gear Solid 4 will come out for the Xbox 360 says Konami rep

    Metal Gear Solid 4 will come out for the Xbox 360 12-14 months after its PS3 debut (which is currently scheduled for Q2 of this year). That’s a bold claim from the team at XboxFamily, but they’re swearing by their sources on this one. We’ll see. A Konami representative allegedly told the site that the game has been in production for the 360 since early 2007. For its part… Read More