• Metaio’s Thermal Touch And The Future Of Augmented Reality User Interfaces

    Metaio is currently demoing a new possible future in the evolutionary path for input control of wearable computing devices and it should be no surprise that Augmented Reality plays a role. Read More

  • Epson and Metaio Get Us Back On Track For Wearable Augmented Reality

    Epson and Metaio Get Us Back On Track For Wearable Augmented Reality

    One of the big promises of a smart-glasses approach to wearable tech was always augmented reality. Context-specific augmented reality was the most interesting though — meaning that the AR content was actually overlaid on the object you were looking at directly and not up in the corner of your eye so you had to look away like in Google Glass. That was the direction I thought it was… Read More

  • Metaio CEO Thomas Alt Discusses Augmented Reality For Smartwatches, Google Glass And More

    Metaio CEO Thomas Alt Discusses Augmented Reality For Smartwatches, Google Glass And More

    Augmented Reality pioneers Metaio hardly qualify as a startup these days (being incorporated since 2003 and funded by a stream of project work from the likes of Volkswagen and IKEA), but they behave very much like a startup and are constantly inventing new systems for their considerable augmented reality SDK. Read More

  • Metaio Develops First Chipset To Improve Augmented Reality Performance In Mobiles

    Today, Metaio announced the development of a new Augmented Reality hardware chipset called the “AR Engine”. The German AR firm also announced a partnership agreement with ST-Ericsson that will lead to the integration of Metaio’s AR Engine into the Swiss semiconductor maker’s new mobile platforms. What does this mean? It means improvements in power consumption for… Read More

  • Metaio’s New SDK Allows SLAM Mapping From 1,000 Feet

    Metaio’s New SDK Allows SLAM Mapping From 1,000 Feet

    Munich-based augmented reality pioneers Metaio announce today a whole slew of new products. These include:
    • A new SDK – powered by a new Augmented Reality Experience Language (AREL) • An update to Metaio Creator (their AR desktop publishing tool for non-technical users) • Advanced camera technologies like continuous visual search and SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and… Read More

  • Junaio Augmented Reality Browser Gets A UI Makeover (Video)

    Junaio Augmented Reality Browser Gets A UI Makeover (Video)

    When it comes to Augmented Reality browsers on mobile devices, I always particularly liked Junaio (just one of the many AR tools created and maintained by Munich-based company Metaio). It’s an especially appealing option since it’s quite powerful, and has many, many content channels to choose from (a good side effect of their successful developer outreach – they have over… Read More

  • Map Your Own 3D Space With Metaio Creator Mobile

    Map Your Own 3D Space With Metaio Creator Mobile

    Yesterday, Metaio CTO Peter Meier ran a small demo for me that describes how their new Creator Mobile software allows any user to map a 3D space with a coordinate system, so they can then add their own digital, Augmented Reality content to that space. This mobile app will work in conjunction with their desktop solution called simply Metaio Creator (video description at this link), which is… Read More

  • Metaio Adds Gravity To Their Augmented Reality Platform

    Metaio Adds Gravity To Their Augmented Reality Platform

    German augmented reality firm Metaio showcased some updates to their core technologies today at this year’s ISMAR conference in Basel, Switzerland. The company is documenting this update with out-takes from some highly technical white papers and also, thankfully, with a few video demonstrations (for the algorithm-ly challenged out there – like me). The basic gist of this update… Read More

  • Head Mounted Displays, DIY Augmented Reality And More At InsideAR

    Head Mounted Displays, DIY Augmented Reality And More At InsideAR

    I was able to attend Metaio’s InsideAR 2011 conference last week in Munich and check out many new and updated Augmented Reality concepts at the event. Several concepts I saw at the trade show portion resonated with where consumer AR is headed and some were merely for entertainment. But pretty much everything I saw tried, in some way, to push the envelope of technical possibility. I saw… Read More

  • Junaio 3.0 Mobile AR Browser Update. Now Scans Barcodes Too.

    Junaio 3.0 Mobile AR Browser Update. Now Scans Barcodes Too.

    Junaio, the mobile Augmented Reality browser created by German AR firm Metaio, has been updated this morning: Version 3.0 now supports scanning barcodes. Some of you are probably thinking “Whoop-dee-doo, every app can scan barcodes nowadays.” And you’re right; it’s not really a big deal in that sense. When you consider Junaio’s capability at advanced image… Read More

  • Metaio’s Augmented City Demo May Answer The Question Of AR’s Utility

    Metaio’s Augmented City Demo May Answer The Question Of AR’s Utility

    Augmented Reality veterans Metaio are announcing some more details about their upcoming insideAR conference scheduled to take place in Munich, Germany on September 26 – 27. While the speaker list for the event has been available since July, the greater theme for the conference is being updated via press release today. That theme is: “From a Vision to a Roadmap”. To help… Read More

  • A Little Augmented Reality Check From Metaio

    As a fan of Augmented Reality and its potential, I have, for some time, been thinking about how the technology will benefit from the larger screen real estate that tablets provide. There are plenty of examples out there…just search “Tablet AR” on YouTube and you’ll see what I mean. I received a press release from Metaio this morning (one of the companies that I follow… Read More

  • Video: Metaio Shows How New Mobile Hardware Benefits AR Performance

    Shortly before the Mobile World Congress 2011, German Augmented Reality (AR) company Metaio launched a short Printer Demo to show some of the more practical uses for AR technology, namely instructional demonstrations. At the event itself, the team took a moment to show me a different demo illustrating how new hardware and chipsets provided by their partnership with ST Ericsson, will… Read More

  • Junaio Brings Augmented Reality Superbowl Fun

    Some would argue that Augmented Reality has been a part of televised sporting events for some time. Indeed, we have come to rely on those virtual first down overlays when watching an NFL game. But USA Today and Metaio have partnered to bring a different kind of AR goodness to the Smartphone owners out there itching for additional content related to the biggest U.S. sporting event of the… Read More

  • Junaio Augmented Reality Browser Version 2.5 Is (Officially) Released

    Those of you following the crop of mobile Augmented Reality  tools out there will be pleased to know that Munich based Metaio officially released an update to their Junaio browser. Actually, the app update soft-launched over 10 days ago so in that respect the new version isn’t really “news”. But it is still a nice update containing a significant  GUI upgrade and some… Read More

  • Kooaba's Reality Augmented With $3 Million Funding

    A Swiss startup offering mobile visual search and augmented reality technology, kooaba, landed 3 million in Swiss franks (or about $3 million) venture funding from undisclosed Swiss investors the company’s co-founder and chief executive Herbert Bay reported this morning. Kooaba was spun out of the Computer Vision Lab at a top science and technology university in Switzerland, ETH… Read More

  • Video: The "first" dead tree magazine with Augmented Reality support

    I’ll confess that I’m not familiar with SZ Magazine, a supplement that is part of the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung, but this is pretty cool. In what the dead tree magazine claims as a first, although other publications have flirted with the concept, the latest edition is fully Augmented Reality supported. Yep, that’s right, point your iPhone’s camera at pages… Read More

  • Augmented reality demo: junaio takes advantage of iOS 4 camera access.

    A while back, I posted a bit about a new augmented reality game called Zombie ShootAR. It is a shooter game where you kill zombies that appear only in the augmented reality of your mobile phone’s viewfinder. The game relied on some imaging technology that “watched” for horizon lines and therefore effectively planted the creeping zombies on the ground or in exact places… Read More

  • Junaio Augmented Reality browser comes to Android.

    Augmented Reality is a technology I follow regularly as I think it is a potential mobile industry game changer. Lately, a company called Metaio has come to my attention. They are making great strides bringing AR out of its technological infancy with a series of software developments. The first development to note is that starting today (June 1), Junaio - Metaio’s free Augmented… Read More

  • Review: AAARR! AAARRR! Kill Zombies with Zombie ShootAR.

    Zombie ShootAR (get it…AR as in Augmented Reality) is a fun and innovative first-person shooter for Smartphone that pits you against a legion of virtual zombies. You play the game by using your phone’s camera and screen to search for, shoot, chop-up or otherwise destroy the virtual zombies that appear integrated into your surroundings via augmented reality. Just watch the video… Read More