• All Journalism Is Tech Journalism Now

    All Journalism Is Tech Journalism Now

    I am about to commit an act of meta-journalism. I’m sorry. I hate meta-journalism. I unfollowed GigaOm’s Mathew Ingram (a fine writer) on Twitter some time ago because I could not muster any more interest in articles about articles and blog posts about blogging. I believe that journalists (like people in most professions) vastly overestimate their own importance, significance… Read More

  • Students Put Out An Issue Of The School Paper Using Tools Of Yore

    Students Put Out An Issue Of The School Paper Using Tools Of Yore

    Remember film? Remember when “cut and paste” actually involved scissors and glue? Remember when typewriters didn’t have a 1 key? Probably not, right? I’m old and I barely even remember that stuff. Well a group of students at Florida Atlantic University had to learn the old ways again in an end-of-school-year experiment. They used 35mm film, actual typewriters, and… Read More

  • HP's MagCloud turns us all into magazine publishers

    Credit to HP for trying something different. That “something,” as it were, is a new scheme called MagCloud that brings the cost of printing glossy magazines down to 20 cents per page. That works out to $20 per 100-page magazine. Free speech so long as you own a printing press, right? Read More

  • What's the deal with: video game reviews (for the 1,000th time)

    Oh, look, someone doesn’t enjoy the game reviews racket anymore. Well, not so much the act of reviewing games but all the drama that surrounds game reviews. Nasty message board threads, podcast after podcast wherein professionals discuss until their throat is sore what makes a good review and how to “properly” review a game, and so on. No more, no more, no more! Read More

  • Video: Peter Ha praises the Palm Pre on G4's Attack of the Show

    No, you’re not seeing things! That’s Peter Ha (and Pop 17’s Sarah Austin) on G4’s Attack of the Show trying very hard to look excited about the Palm Pre. He does a bang-up job! Read More

  • A truly great CES post

    I’ll admit that I’m a cranky bastard at these shows. You guys have essentially entrusted us with the difficult and thankless job of allowing you to subjugate your neophilia through frequent and effusive discussions of new technology and we, in turn, have become jaded, angry, and bitter. Why? Because doing this stuff is hard work. It requires constant attention, the ability to… Read More

  • Nicholas' fondest Christmas memory

    “The Man” is making us doing a little thing about some of our favorite Christmas memories involving gadgets. This is mine. Read More

  • Review scores-gate: Eidos tells reviewers to hold off on Tomb Raider reviews unless they were positive

    From, obviously, Penny-Arcade Go to Metacritic, which is destroying the video game industry, by the way, and check out the Tomb Raider: Underworld‘s metascore. Right now it’s 78. That’s not good enough, apparently. It’s like this: Eidos, which publishes the game, instructed its PR firm to ask sites to hold off on publishing Underworld reviews before Monday (yesterday)… Read More

  • How to ease your girlfriend into liking beer (plus bonus grammar challenge!)

    I’d say 90 percent of the staff here is one weekend bender away from a one-way trip to the Betty Ford Center. But beer doesn’t merely ruin lives, no sir. It can, apparently, ruin relationships, too! That is, unless you follow the advice of The Frisky, a new women’s site that was just brought to my attention. They’ve put together a list of 10 so-called “gateway… Read More

  • Annoy your friends by sending a fake Obama vice-president text message

    Want to annoy your friends today? Go to any of those Web sites (or your provider’s own text messaging page) that allow you to send a text message, then send a message saying Barack Obama has chosen *someone* to be his vice-president. The fun part, I guess, comes if you put someone that will particularly aggravate your friends. So, if they hate Hillary (I can’t imagine why!)… Read More

  • On the Jobs health scandal

    Like Jesus and FDR, Steve Jobs was put on this earth to do good. In fact he’s doing so much good that scumbags like Joe Nocera are getting rambling, expletive-laced calls from him in the middle of the night denying all allegations that Steve-o won’t be around next year to release another line of thinner, more wow-filled PMPs. It went down like this: Joe Nocera, an NYT veteran… Read More