Mass Effect

  • There will be a Mass Effect movie. Will Lost's Matthew Fox play Commander Shepard?

    It’s takes a special type of nerd to read a video game’s novelization, and I’m none too proud to say that I recently started reading the Mass Effect novel. But there’s a certain quiet dignity in reading a novelization that simply isn’t present when sitting at the multiplex (or downloading the Blu-ray rip, as it were) watching a movie. Get ready: EA has sold the… Read More

  • U.S. military launches unmanned X-37B spacecraft. Too bad it refuses to tell us what it's for!

    It’s all a bit like Mass Effect. The U.S. Air Force successfully launched the X-37B unmanned spacecraft yesterday, but the question that nobody knows the answer to: what’s it for? The Air Force refuses to say what the X-37B’s mission on beyond something along the lines “we wanted to see if it works.” OK, but do you plan on doing with it? “Sorry… Read More

  • What should I ask the guy who made Mass Effect 2?

    I’ll be doing a live interview with Lead Programmer Casey Hudson and Bioware’sDr. Greg Zeschuk tomorrow at 10:00am EST and I’d like to know what you guys would like me to ask them about Mass Effect 2 the latest Bioware title. Read More

  • BioWare tries to balance the BioWare way with the attraction of new fans with Mass Effect 2

    Ladies and gentlemen, I have a conundrum. As many of you know, Mass Effect 2 comes out on January 26. It’s the first big game of the year. There’s only one problem: I’m having a heck of a hard time getting excited about it. What’s wrong with me, because clearly something is? Read More

  • Video: Mass Effect 2 trailer

    I never got a chance to play the first Mass Effect, but I’m told it’s very popular. Hit the jump for ME2’s teaser trailer. Read More

  • BioWare express interest in developing for iPhone

    Celebrated developer BioWare, which recently released Mass Effect for the PC, has admitted that the iPhone is an “intriguing” platform. Naturally, that gives The Internet license to speculate left, right and center that it will be developing games for Apple’s smartphone. Isn’t BioWare known for long, drawn out Western RPGs? Considering their expertise doesn’t… Read More

  • Update: Mass Effect for PC drops dial-a-DRM!

    Yesterday we brought news that the PC version of Mass Effect would have a DRM feature that would phone home every 10 days to make sure you weren’t playing with a pirated copy. It’s a sucky system and people were upset. EA, though, listened to us bloggers and other gaming fans and has announced that when the game ships it won’t have the craptastic DRM system. There will still… Read More

  • Mass Effect for PC has crappy dial-a-DRM

    Apparently those of you who’ve been waiting for the PC version of the popular console game Mass Effect will have to make sure your DSL bill is paid up, as the game requires an online connection even for the single player mode. Why’s this? Because the game will phone home every 10 days [scroll down three posts] to make sure you haven’t shared your activation key or are using… Read More

  • Mass Effect for the PC coming May 6

    These two totally do it. Sweet! Now I can put off buying a 360 for a little longer. Mass Effect is definitely one of the killer apps for the 360 (I’m not a Halo fan), but knowing it will be just as sweet on my killer rig means I won’t have to drop those bills on a console just yet. Looks like the PC version will also sport some improvements. Improved inventory, revamped… Read More

  • Mass Effect Xbox LIVE content coming next month

    BioWare’s Mass Effect will be offering up some extra downloadable content to its 1.6 million or so gamers on March 10th. It’ll be available at 2AM PST for 400 points. The Bring Down the Sky downloadable content pack will be released to Xbox LIVE Marketplace on Monday, March 10 at 2 a.m. PST, and will be available for 400 MS points. This is the first in a series of planned… Read More

  • Mass Effect begins conversation on sex and video games

    [photopress:masseffect.jpg,full,center] You’re probably familiar with the manufactured controversy surrounding Mass Effect, with misinformed pundits lampooning its graphic sex acts. You know, those sex acts that don’t really exist. But Next Generation took the opportunity to address the subject at large—sex in video games, and how to incorporate it in a productive manner. Read More

  • Jack Thompson defends the video game industry – wait, did I read that correctly?

    From the “Virtual Orgasmic Rape of a Snowball in Hell” Dept. Jack Thompson has weighed in on the Kevin McCollough furor (his original column was removed from but is reprinted here for your reading pleasure). He – incredibly – pronounces it “absolutely ridiculous” and says that the author “shot his mouth off about it had no idea what the… Read More

  • Mass Effect banned in Singapore for hot, sweaty cross-species action This video might be NSFW. Singaporian (is that the word?) officials have banned Mass Effect due to a scene in the Xbox 360 game where a human girl gets it on with an alien chick. Pretty… Read More