• Nasa's Mars Odyssey Orbiter To Break Service Record: 3,340 Days Up There

    Good news for Nasa, which could probably use some right now. On December 15 its Odyssey Orbiter will become the single longest serving Mars surface spacecraft in history. (Unless there’s some sort of Protean ship on there we’re not aware of yet!) Once December 15 hits Odyssey will have served its 3,340th day up there, surpassing the previous record holder, the Mars Global Surveyor. Read More

  • Mars in the spotlight of Microsoft's Worldwide Telescope

    OK, this is great. It’s an updated version of Microsoft’s WorldWide Telescope, and t’s all about Mars. Microsoft spent three years developing this new version of the application, with its engineers put together after studying super high-resolution Nasa photos. The result is, much like Google Earth, you can zoom around the Red Planet, taking in the sights and sounds right… Read More

  • James Cameron helping design 3D camera for new Mars rover

    Awesome. So this January, it seems that Cameron found time in between money-counting sessions to pitch NASA about putting a 3D camera on the Curiosity Mars rover, set for a 2011 launch. Incredibly, they went for it. I’m guessing it had something to do with budget — probably something along the lines of “my movie is making more per month than your department does in a year, I… Read More

  • Mission to Mars simulated by 250 days in a sealed environment

    Someone call Pauly Shore, because there’s a new closed environment that’ll need his madcap hijinks to stave off boredom and no doubt save the day. The Mars500 project, located in Moscow, hopes to simulate the experience of a manned mission to Mars. It’s the mission to part that they’re testing, and not the actual Mars part. It takes a long time to get to Mars, and once… Read More

  • You'll never ID this photo (unless you read Reddit)

    Look at that pic. Take a real good look. Got an idea? Well, you’re probably wrong. Read More

  • Next Mars rover to have frikkin' lasers

    Apparently NASA saw something when they sent up the last Mars rover, because the next one is going to be packing heat. The next rover, named Curiosity, is scheduled to launch next year and will be equipped with an analysis system that uses high-energy laser pulses to help find out what Mars is made of. Read More

  • Forget the whack-jobs, the NASA photos don't show trees

    Look at the photo above. Doesn’t it look like rolling hills adorned with patches of trees? Well, it’s not. That’s a picture of Mars taken by the HiRISE, the most powerful camera sent to another planet, and the tree looking things are really just illusions. NASA says that they are just trails of debris left over from ice melt landslides and we can probably believe the agency. Read More

  • NASA releases a bunch of pretty pictures of Mars

    It’s Friday. We know you really don’t want to work. How about some nerdy space pr0n? Read More

  • Russians waste more money, lock 6 men away for 105 days in the name of science

    Maybe someday a human will walk on Mars. The last couple of generations has always told their children that they will be the ones to do it, but we’re still stuck on this planet. Anyway, 6 crazy Ruskies just emerged from a 1970’s Soviet-era testing facility after spending 105 days in isolation to simulate the voyage to Mars. I don’t know why some random Russian government spent… Read More

  • Swedish women more frustrated by computers than men

    A recent survey by Swedish computer magazine PC för Alla, (PC for Everyone) reportedly found that women get more frustrated than men over just about every aspect of computers and using the Web. While many women could say they find men more frustrating than computers, since we don’t speak Swedish its unclear whether the magazine included that question. Here’s Pingdom’s… Read More

  • NASA confirms ice found on Mars

    NASA has confirmed the existence of ice on Mars, the first time water has been found on another planet confirming years of speculation as to the possiblity of water on the Red Planet. As the awful movie Semi-Pro says every four seconds, “Get excited!” And, as Bloomberg so kindly reminds us, “Water in liquid form is an essential ingredient for life.” Thanks, Bloomberg. Read More