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    TechCrunch Makers Episode One: Inside Brooklyn’s Makerbot With Bre Pettis

    It’s been months in the making, but here it is: the first episode of TechCrunch Makers, featuring Bre Pettis of Makerbot. We visited Bre’s downtown Brooklyn factory where he and the rest of team design, build, and ship hundreds of Makerbots a week. Read More

  • Makers Wanted: Are You A Hardware Start-Up? Talk To Us

    Makers Wanted: Are You A Hardware Start-Up? Talk To Us

    We’re about to launch a new video series called Makers here at TechCrunch and we’d love to hear from any and all hardware based startups. I want to hear about robots, toys, and railguns. I want to hear about new distilling methods, winemakers, and electric vehicles. I want to hear about anything that whirrs, chops, grates, goes, or crashes into a fireball. Over the next few… Read More

  • DIY Digital Photo Frame Kit Hits the Market

    Many of you like your digital photo frames. I’m of the opinion that they’re going to hit mass-market prices and really take off in the near future. Until then, you must settle for small footprints and medium prices. But there’s always the option to make your own, and RedPost is here to help you out. The new photoframe kits include everything you need guts-wise for a photoframe. Read More