• Pulse Adds 20 Titles From Popular Science Publisher Bonnier To Its Reading Stream, Its Biggest Launch Yet

    Pulse Adds 20 Titles From Popular Science Publisher Bonnier To Its Reading Stream, Its Biggest Launch Yet

    In the landgrab among reading apps that aggregate content to make it more accessible on tablets and smartphones, one of the early movers, Pulse, is today announcing a deal with magazine publisher Bonnier that will give its offering a significant boost. Bonnier is adding 20 titles from its special-interest magazine portfolio to the Pulse reading stream, including titles like Field and… Read More

  • The Pinterest Effect: Conde Nast Casts ‘Easy Living’ In The Mold Of Hot New Social Network

    The Pinterest Effect: Conde Nast Casts ‘Easy Living’ In The Mold Of Hot New Social Network

    They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Done right, it can also help the imitator tap into the zeitgeist and pick up more followers as a result. That looks like it might have been some of the logic behind the relaunch of the website of Easy Living, a UK magazine published by Conde Nast, which relaunched this month with a Pinterest-like grid interface on its home page. Read More

  • Pressly Tablet Reading Platform Startup Battlefield Presentation

    Pressly Turns Websites Into Tablet-Friendly HTML5 Web Apps

    TechCrunch Disrupt finalist Pressly is an HTML5-based platform that turns online publications into tablet-friendly websites that work on the iPad, Android tablets or the BlackBerry PlayBook. The sites it produces are nearly indistinguishable from their native counterparts, like Flipboard and Zite for example, offering a similar experience for browsing through articles, images and videos. Read More

  • Spin Play iPad App

    Video Demo Of Spin Play, The Magazine App That Comes With Music

    Now that iTunes allows for subscriptions, more and more magazines are putting out iPad apps. The best ones offer new experiences beyond what amounts to turning the iPad into a fancy PDF viewer. This week, Spin magazine is releasing its very first iPad app (iTunes link) which production director Dylan Boelte recently demoed for me (see video). It’s a magazine app in that includes a… Read More

  • Apple's Digital Newsstand Just Disrupted The Publishing Industry

    How much pricing power exactly does Apple have over publishers desperate to figure out a digital strategy that results in paying subscribers? A hell of a lot—at least that is what Apple is betting with its new subscription billing service. Apple is taking a 30 percent cut of all digital subscription revenues. Just take a moment to think about that for a second. Up until now, Apple took… Read More

  • iPad Mags Need A New Blueprint

    Ever since the iPad came out, print media companies have been feeling their way in this new medium, but so far they’ve just been stumbling over themselves.
    They are latching onto the iPad as a new walled garden where people will somehow magically pay for articles they can get for free in their browsers. But if they want people to pay, the experience has to be better than on the Web… Read More

  • U.S. News & World Report Joins The Print Deadpool

    Another major magazine will stop printing its editions and move completely online. U.S. News & World Report, the USA Today of weekly news magazines, will no longer be found on subscriber’s mailboxes after its December issue. According to an employee memo obtained by Poynter Online’s Romeneso blog, subscribers will no longer get print issues. Instead, U.S. News & World… Read More

  • Big Interview: The Philosophy Behind Best Buy And Future's @Gamer Magazine

    Conventional wisdom says that it’d be a better idea to build a ladder to the moon than it would be to start a magazine in 2010. Apparently Best Buy disagrees. The retailer announced, some months back, that it would be starting a new video game magazine called @Gamer. (Pronounced “gamer”—ignore the @.) It hooked up with the good folks at Future, the same people who… Read More

  • Reimagining The Magazine Cover For The iPad

    Reimagining The Magazine Cover For The iPad

    Print publishers are in a tizzy over Apple’s new iPad because they hope to finally be able to charge for their digital editions. But in order to get people to pay for their magazine and newspaper apps, they are going to have to offer something different that readers cannot get at the newsstand or on the open Web. We’ve already seen plenty of prototypes from magazine publishers… Read More

  • Let's talk about the World of Warcraft: Official Magazine for a bit

    You’ll recall that, a few months ago, we mentioned that Blizzard, in collaboration with Future (the publisher responsible for Edge in the UK, among other magazines), would be creating a World of Warcraft-themed magazine. It’s called World of Warcraft: Official Magazine and I just received the very first issue, Winter 2009. From a visual standpoint, the magazine is gorgeous. Read More