• HTC, Where Innovation Is Bought (And That’s A Good Thing)

    HTC, Where Innovation Is Bought (And That’s A Good Thing)

    HTC’s is the Cinderella story of the mobile market — they’ve gone from low-key provider of Windows Mobile hardware to Android-powered smartphone titan within the span of just a few years. Impressive as that is, HTC has done much more than just push out smartphones. In the past year alone, HTC has inked big deals with Beats Audio, Dropbox, and LogMeIn, with rumors of a… Read More

  • LogMeIn Acquires Web Chat Company Bold Software For $16.5 M

    LogMeIn Acquires Web Chat Company Bold Software For $16.5 M

    LogMeIn, the longtime maker of remote access tools, has acquired Bold Software, a provider of web chat and customer communications software. The company says it will use the technology to offer additional features and capabilities to its customers on LogMeIn Rescue, the company’s support product. Under the terms of the deal, LogMeIn acquired all the net assets of Bold Software for… Read More

  • LogMeIn Remote Control iOS App Goes Freemium

    LogMeIn Remote Control iOS App Goes Freemium

    Users of LogMeIn’s Ignition are in for a pleasant surprise this holiday season. The once paid — and quite expensive — app is now migrating to a freemium model. That said, users who paid for Ignition won’t have to cough up the dough for a LogMeIn Pro subscription, but they will get the added premium features including HD remote control (and HD streaming) from their… Read More

  • Saul Klein on Europe's Billion-Dollar Startups

    Saul Klein’s List Of Europe’s Next Billion-Dollar Tech Companies

    Where will the next billion-dollar startups come from? The tech world and most VCs tend to be parochial, looking at Silicon Valley, maybe New York, and a few other hot markets like China and Brazil. But what about the Old Country? Yesterday, I was having coffee with Saul Klein, a partner at Index Ventures and co-founder of Seedcamp. He believes that in every major city across Europe… Read More

  • Zendesk Brings LogMeIn's Remote-Connectivity Technology To Support Software

    Trying to communicate an issue or problem with a web application over the phone can be a trying experience for both the consumer and the IT support rep. If a user isn’t tech-savvy, it can be difficult to explain to a customer support rep the exact origin of the issue. Remote connectivity technologies, which allow support reps to log-on to a customers computer remotely, can be very helpful… Read More

  • The Best iPhone Apps Of 2009 (Appvee Edition)

    This guest post was written by Erik Fikkert, Lead Reviewer, AppVee. Also check out Appvee’s previous picks of the best apps in the App store The iPhone and iPod touch have become immediately recognizable names around the world. Apple recently announced that the iPhone is the most popular mobile phone in the US. In addition, the iPod touch is generally regarded as the media player of… Read More

  • Venture Exits Still Anemic In Third Quarter, Down Nearly 50 Percent (Charts)

    Despite a couple large IPOs (LogMein and A123Systems) and a steady but tempered flow of mergers and acquisitions, financial exits for venture-backed companies remained anemic in the third quarter of 2009. Data released by both Dow Jones VentureSource and the National Venture Capital Association/Thomson Reuters show declines in both M&A and IPO dollars. VentureSource counts $2.9 billion… Read More

  • Remote smartphone support: Crazy good idea

    I popped by the LogMeIn booth today take a look at their RescueMobile package for smartphones. Essentially, the service lets technicians take control of a smartphone remotely, accessing all of its functions and repairing it over the air. LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile simulates a remote smartphone on a support technician’s local computer, who can then manipulate the screen, use its keypad… Read More