• The New Social Network: Who’s Nearby, Not Who You Know

    The New Social Network: Who’s Nearby, Not Who You Know

    There’s a new concept for social networking services taking root, and it’s not about re-creating your offline social graph on the Web, like Facebook does today. It’s about discovering the people who are nearby you now – the ones you probably would like to meet. This type of discovery mechanism is already being made possible by a number of services, including the… Read More

  • Social Contacts App Twezr Shuts Down, Company Pivots To Photo-Sharing

    Social Contacts App Twezr Shuts Down, Company Pivots To Photo-Sharing

    So long, Twezr, it’s been fun. The mobile social contacts application Twezr is being shut down after having a fairly well-received launch back in November 2010. The app, for those unaware, was based on a great idea: it was a social address book. It aggregated all the activity from your phone’s contacts (e.g., phone calls, SMS’s, voicemails) alongside their social… Read More

  • Banjo Now Lets You Stalk Locations, And the People There

    Banjo Now Lets You Stalk Locations, And the People There

    Six-week old mobile application Banjo has been updated with a new feature that lets users virtually stalk locations, and the people there, in real-time. Banjo, for those unaware, is a new social discovery service which reveals the social network present at any given location at a particular time. To be clear, it’s not another social network, it’s a layer on top of social networks. Read More

  • Want To Get Rewards For Going Out? Good, Because LoSo Wants To Find You Free Drinks

    I’ll bet that got your attention. Finally, an app that wants to buy you a drink. Well, not exactly, but it’s the next best thing. LoSo is a location-based social media app for the iPhone that re-launches today to bring the best parts of Foursquare, Yelp, and OpenTable together in one app for your mobile phone. An ambitious goal, yes, but to counterbalance that, LoSo is targeting a… Read More

  • Indian Stealth Startup Mojostreet Secures $350K From Former Microsoft VP, Others

    Hyderabad-based Mojostreet, a location-based mobile gaming startup, announced today that it has received $350K in seed funding, led by Srini Koppolu, former Managing Director of Microsoft India and J.A. Chowdary former Managing Director of Nvidia India. Mojostreet will use its infusion of capital to ramp up hiring efforts and to assist in the startup’s beta launch in early May. Like a mix… Read More

  • Telogis Raises $2.9 Million More To Help Companies Manage Fleets, Reduce Emissions

    Telogis, a location-based technology firm in Aliso Viejo, Calif. has raised another $2.9 million, according to a new SEC filing, to help businesses track and manage their fleets of vehicles, and workforce using GPS, mobile and web technology. The company touts its “mobile resource management” software and services as environmentally beneficial, and fuel-saving. According to the… Read More

  • Location-based mobile advertising platform AdLocal enters America with years of Japan Know-how

    Mobile advertising is poised to become a huge growth area, with research firm Kelsey Group seeing the market grow from just $160 million in 2008 to $3.1 billion in 2013. eMarketer projects mobile advertising spending in the US will balloon from $648 million in 2008 to over $3.3 billion in 2013. While some believe search will account for the biggest chunk of the market, others expect… Read More