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  • Local Business Data Provider Locu Raises Seed Round

    Local Business Data Provider Locu Raises Seed Round

    Locu, a data-focused startup founded by MIT graduates and computer science researchers, is closing a seed round of over $600,000 from East and West coast investors, including Factual founder Gil Elbaz, Google’s Bruno Bowden, Cloudera founder Jeff Hammerbacher, Hubspot’s Dharmesh Shah, Twitter VP of Engineering Michael Abbott, Facebook co-founder Andrew McCollum, MIT’s… Read More

  • Citiservi, one-stop shop for local products and services, closes €1.5m round

    We covered Citiservi just over a year ago describing it as a “semantic local search” offering. Since then the company and product has evolved substantially, going through a yellow page, lead generation phase and settling as a consumer platform helping users find or discover local services and offers. Today, Citiservi has announced a new €1.5m round which includes €500,000… Read More