• With Version 2, Lissn Quiets The Noise And Focuses On Individuals. But Is It Too Quiet?

    When Lissn launched at TechCrunch50 this past year, it had what seemed to be a hot basic premise: Twitter meets Google Wave. Unfortunately, as time has proven, Google Wave has yet to catch on in a meaningful way, as it’s too noisy for most people. And in many ways, the first version of Lissn seemed a bit too noisy. With the latest version launching today, the team has simplified things… Read More

  • LiveFyre Wants To Ignite Realtime Intelligent Conversations On The Web

    People often attempt to have conversations with others on Twitter, but if it goes more than a few tweets deep, it’s a mess. FriendFeed was a better haven for conversations, but those were often just based on tweets moved over to a small community — a community which is quickly fading. A new service launching in beta today, LiveFyre, is focused on reworking how we have conversations… Read More