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  • Wireless Power And Battery Life Anxiety Crunch Network

    Wireless Power And Battery Life Anxiety

    Battery life is one of the most vexing problems in mobile tech. Indeed, Smartphone users consistently rate battery life as their No. 1 gripe. Consumers want better batteries, not wearables. So Apple’s recent announcement isn’t that surprising: iOS 9 will have a Low Power mode, which could provide an extra three hours of battery life. But that doesn’t solve the battery… Read More

  • Gcorelab Gets $482,000 For New Battery Cooling Technology

    Gcorelab Gets $482,000 For New Battery Cooling Technology

    A Singapore clean-tech company called Gcorelab has just received $482,000 (S$589,000) in funding for a new technology that promises to control the thermal issues that have plagued lithium-ion batteries. Battery packs that use lithium-ion cells such as those found in laptops and, in larger deployments like electric cars, can suffer from cells failing. When the cells do and overheat, they can… Read More

  • New Hitachi tech to double lithium-ion battery life

    Lithium-ion batteries are everywhere, powering small gadgets, cars or even buildings. It’s not a surprise to see a number of companies currently working on improvements. Just a few weeks ago, we reported about Japan-based Eamex, which claimed their prototype battery can be charged and discharged over 10,000 times and can be used for about 20 years. And now Hitachi is claiming a new… Read More