• LVX: Your Lights Are Talking To You(r Computer)

    Visible Light Communication is a data trasmission protocol that uses visible light to send data at 3 Mbps using LEDs and special models. The system works by modulating the LED lighting in your home or office. Read More

  • GE's New Halogen-CFL Hybrid Bulb Eliminates Light Switch Lag

    One of the most annoying things about fluorescent bulbs (including their new and improved little brothers, the CFLs) is the way they take a little time to get to full brightness. It differs from bulb to bulb, but you always end up cursing it inwardly, as it always keeps you in suspense of when that slight flicker will end. Well, GE has solved that problem, at least kind of, by putting a… Read More

  • Plumen Bulbs Make CFLs Look Good – But They're Still CFLs

    At the moment, if you’re looking to move to more eco-friendly bulbs, your choices are compact fluorescents or LEDs. The trouble is that LEDs are still pretty expensive (though their color temperature issues are being worked out), and CFLs are… well, fluorescent. Nobody likes fluorescent light. These new bulbs may not fix that particular problem, but they sure as hell look cool. Read More

  • Philips Lights Up OLEDs Without A Power Adapter

    Previously, if you wanted to use an OLED display, you had to use a power adapter. The problem was that OLEDs required low voltage to light up, instead of the standard (in Europe) 230v system. Now, scientists at Philips have announced that they have been able to design an OLED system that doesn’t require a step down transformer in order to work. This means that a device that uses an… Read More

  • Smart Headlights Move To Avoid Blinding Oncoming Drivers

    Don’t you just hate it when you are driving down the road at night, and that oncoming jackhole in the SUV can’t be bothered to turn his brights off? Particularly these days, when said jackhole is probably driving a car with HID headlights, and you have to stare at the white line to avoid driving off the road? Well hopefully technology can help with that. A French company is… Read More

  • Lumenergi Future Looks Bright With $12.7 Million Funding

    Lumenergi a Newark, Calif. business closed a $12.7 series B funding round led by Braemar Energy Ventures the company announced today. It plans to use the capital to take its flourescent and LED lighting control systems — which are like dimmers on steroids and smart pills — from small to mid-sized commercial sites such as schools, courthouses and stores, to large scale commercial… Read More

  • Alternative solar power: Weird roof orbs provide lighting (video)

    Nani Kore (“What’s This?”) is the name of a Japanese TV show that digs up bizarre things and phenomena observed around the world and explains how they work. In the latest show, they presented a house in central Tokyo that proves solar power can be used in a residential setting without those expensive solar panels and cells. Just take a set of orbs that look like giant… Read More

  • "Reading Lamp." Very clever.

    In one of those rare collisions of good design and practicality, this lamp appears to be the perfect thing for your bedside. It’s simple enough: when you’re not reading your book, you place it on the lamp and it extinguishes the light. Pick it up; place saved, light on. Brilliant! Read More

  • WTFLamp lights up counterintuitively

    When you hit the switch on a lamp, you probably have some preconceived notions about where the light is going to come from. It’s time to purge your mind of such design prejudices and embrace the weird and impractical; this “WTF, not what I thought” lamp will challenge your notions of what a lighting device should be. …in bed. Read More

  • $100 LED lamp uses "quantum dots" to imitate more natural light

    As we move away (as a species) from wasteful incandescent bulbs, we’re going to have to deal with some changes in how the world looks. The cold, bright light of a white LED array is great for a flashlight, but a little clinical for mood lighting. Similar issues plague CFL bulbs, and let’s not even get into the flicker. But it doesn’t mean we don’t have to go into this… Read More

  • Ikea selling $20 solar-powered desk lamps

    In case you hadn’t heard, Ikea is on the solar bandwagon. After pumping $75 million into various environmentally-sustainable initiatives, we’re starting to see products trickle out. Aside from solar-powered garden lights — which have actually been availalbe from numerous companies for a while — you can also pick up a $20 solar desk lamp. Read More