• Bombin' And Taggin' With Light

    Bombin' And Taggin' With Light

    There’s a new kind of graffiti coming out that won’t piss of owners of billboards and buildings. Using different kinds of light and cranking up the exposure time on a camera, some artists are now throwing up pieces and tags with lights. Hit the jump for a quick breakdown: Gear this is a small collection of flashlights, biking-lights and flashing LED lights they all work with batteries… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: High Seas Edition

    Daily Crunch: High Seas Edition

    Help Key: The Essential Guide to Piracy Color A4 E-Paper: Porn Just Got Even Portable-er The Bill of Lights: Maunfacturers Need to Stop Putting Useless Lights Everywhere Oregon Scientific Four Piece Weather Module Station: For Those Who Just Need to Know The Dew Point Right Now Gears of War Golf Coming Soon Read More

  • The Safest Thing You'll Read All Day

    The Safest Thing You'll Read All Day

    I don’t know about you, but the last time I actually bothered to check a smoke alarm in my home, the battery had died long ago. Usually I just blow it off or go out and buy another battery, but what if a fire struck during the grace period between batteries? A lot of us tend to ignore fire safety and DuPont knows this, so they’ve created a smoke alarm that never needs batteries ever… Read More

  • Stain Detector Helps Detect Grody, Invisible Stains

    While it’s being marketed as a tool to help you find hidden stains so you can make your pad smell better, we know it’s really so you can all play CSI at home. The Stain Detector Light uses the same UV technology that the detectives use to find “protein stains”, blood, bile, or, uh, what-have-you. Wanna scare someone? Visit them in their hotel room with this thing pointed at… Read More

  • BeamBag: The Phallic Light with a Soft Sack

    <img src=" hooker. You can get it now for about $25 at BrookStone, you know, that store in the mall full of lo-tech gadgets, like this one? Sharper Image is where it's at, ya heard? (Not really) BeamBag HandsFree Light Rests on All Sorts of Surfaces [Chip Chick] Read More