• Lenovo Constant Connect delivers BlackBerry email to ThinkPad automagicly

    Workaholics rejoice. Lenovo notebooks will soon be able to sync with BlackBerry handhelds thanks to the power of Bluetooth for automatic and instant access to enterprise email. The sync is designed to work without any user intervention too and according to the press release, even works when the notebook is powered off. The software is set to roll-out in the second quarter of this year but it… Read More

  • Lenovo teases you with their oversexed IT workers

    Who ever said having a dual-screen laptop that looks like a tank wouldn’t get you a little strange? Lenovo seems to think so and is saying as much in what amounts to some sort of internal test advertisement for the W700ds, a dual-screen laptop so massive that it should just be called a desktop PC. Read More

  • Lenovo announces all-in-one PC, plus new thin-and-light laptop line

    Lenovo opened the floodgates today, announcing a new All-in-One desktop — the IdeaCentre A600 — and three new laptops: the Y650 (a 16-inch thin-and-light), the Y550, and the Y450. The company also announced updated social networking software, plus a few other extras for the already-available IdeaPad S10 netbook. Read More

  • The Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds's dual screens gets demo'd

    Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds broke cover over the weekend, there are so many questions on how it will work. This quick, 10-sec video does shed some light on how the action will take place. It seems that the second screen simply slides-out behind the main screen. Hopefully it works well. Video after the jump. Read More

  • Lenovo DS: new laptop sports two screens

    This really doesn’t look like something that will catch on, but it’s certainly momentous. The Lenovo W700DS has one 17-inch display like its predecessor, and another 10-inch one that slides out from behind. Madness, you say? Yeah, I agree. Read More

  • Lenovo releases IdeaPad S9 netbook

    Look at that little cat! It’s on the screen of the Lenovo IdeaPad S9, the little bro-ham to the Lenovo IdeaPad S10. The S10 has a 10.2-inch screen and runs Windows, while the S9 has an 8.9-inch screen and runs Linpus Linux Lite. The S9 is available for $344.99 at Geeks.com or $359.46 at Buy.com. That, or you could just order the S10 with the bigger screen and Windows starting at $349… Read More

  • The Lenovo+China Mobile OPhone sure does look familiar

    First there was the iPhone, then came a bunch of stuff no one cared about. Now we have what appears to be the OPhone, a cellphone developed by Lenovo in conjunction with China Mobile. It’s using Android as its operating system, a move that took a great deal of bravery for China Mobile to accept. (Apparently the firm doesn’t like the idea of relying on outside technologies for… Read More

  • Lenovo introduces Quick Start-powered S10e netbook for the eduction market

    Some suit in a Lenovo boardroom had a great idea that if the company slaps the letter ‘e’ onto the S10 netbook name, the world would be a better place. The S10e is therefore geared to the education crowd, touting the same exact specs of the original S10 netbook of an Intel 1.6GHz Atom processor, 4GB SSD or 160GB HDD, WiFi, Bluetooth, and a 10.1 LCD display, but now comes equipped… Read More

  • Lenovo, Acer, and Toshiba all rocking the WiMAX in their lappies

    Oh my! Three of the biggest laptop makers out there all announcing 4G/WiMAX/XOHM service. All on the same day, too. It’s almost as if it was planned. Acer has it in their big ones, Toshiba has it in their little ones, and Lenovo has it in just about their entire line. Boy, with all these laptops sucking up the signal, they might want to put those WiMAX points on higher ground! Read More

  • Lenovo to roll up Fujitsu/Siemens consumer PC business?

    In one of these multi-part shuffles that characterize high-level business dealings, it looks as if Lenovo is going to be taking over the consumer PC part of the Fujitsu/Siemens joint venture. It seems Siemens has had enough and is selling its part to Fujitsu, and Fujitsu (not really loving the “end-user” market) will spin off that part of its PC business and sell it to whoever. Read More

  • Lenovo: Six new low-power, enviro-friendly monitors

    Lenovo’s got six new LCD monitors to add to its ThinkVision line. Each uses 30-60 percent less energy than ThinkVision LCDs from the past and some of the packaging uses 65 percent recycled materials. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: All Lenovo notebooks on sale

    Today and tomorrow, you can save up to 36% on Lenovo notebooks by using e-coupon USP2DAYSONLY at Lenovo’s online store. It’s one of those “You Pay What We Pay” sales that seem to be so popular with withering domestic automakers except that this time, it’s Lenovo, which is based in China. Go figure. Lenovo Two Day Sale [Lenovo.com] Read More

  • Lenovo missing promised IdeaPad S10 ship dates?

    Liliputing is reporting that Lenovo has missed the September 9th ship date they were promised and has changed the new ship date to November 18th. I know a few of you here have ordered these machines and were given ship dates of September 9th as well. Has your ship date changed? Lenovo originally promised the S10 in early October, so the September 9th ship date seemed mighty early. Now… Read More

  • Lenovo has no interest in Dell's factories

    Lenovo’s CEO William Amelio told reporters earlier today that his company had no interest in purchasing Dell’s factories. Makes sense considering Dell sold them to cut costs. Amelio went on to say that Lenovo was content with their capacity and that the global economy’s weakness would lead to less spending by tech companies. So that’s that. Read More

  • Lenovo releases new ThinkCentre A62 desktop

    The A62 is a fairly staid ThinkCentre desktop that should sell for about $399 in September. It runs an AMD 15w CPU, the Athlon 2650e, on select models and is aimed at businesses trying to reduce their energy bills or, dare we say it, go green. It includes all of IBM’s fleet add-ons like Express Repair, Dash 1.1 remote trouble shooting, and ThinkVantage for hardware maintenance. Read More

  • Lenovo X200 tablet gets official, sort of [Update]

    All the specs were leaked earlier in the month and it was just a matter of time before the FCC divulged the rumored tablet from Lenovo. Well, the wait is no more as the X200T is now in the FCC database. The FCC filing shows that the X200T will come with UWB, so I wonder if those supposed specs from earlier are real? It shouldn’t be too long before Lenovo officially announces it. Update… Read More

  • Lenovo gives tiny X300 line a bump with the X301

    Lenovo recently announced the ThinkPad X301, the next in line for the X300 line. Surely you remember the X300, Lenovo’s answer to the MacBook Air. Well the X301 seems to be stuffed in the same less-than-three-pound shell, but the delicious candy inside has changed a little bit. For starters, you can get the X301 with a 64GB or 128GB solid state drive (available in September). Read More

  • Lenovo’s new GPS handset, the P990

    Did you know that Lenovo makes phones? We don’t hear about’em very often on this side of the Pacific, but it turns out that they actually have a whole friggin’ lot of’em. The newest addition is the Lenovo P990, a dual-band GMS/GPRS phone being offered over in China. Find out all about it over at Mobilecrunch >> Read More

  • Lenovo unveils behemoth mobile workstation, W700

    When I think about mobile workstations, I immediately think of my MacBook Pro and after seeing the Lenovo W700 in-person two weeks ago, I can say without a doubt that the MBP is no mobile workstation. For one thing, the W700 weighs a ton. Exact weight on the 17-inch laptop is unknown (read: I forgot), but it’s not that heavy. However, it does come with its own customized laptop bag… Read More

  • Lenovo's X200 tablet PC gets spec'd

    Although I’m sure that it will be blown out of the water by the $200 tablet PC Mike wants to build, in the absence of any actual competitor from that sector this X200 looks pretty nice. It’s got a nice laptop-oriented Core2 with a fast FSB, 2 gigs of DDR3 RAM standard, a 12.1″ screen at 1280×800, 3xUSB, express, and card reader slots. Like its predecessors it has a… Read More

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