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  • Details Matter

    Details Matter

    The Lean Startup mantra tells entrepreneurs to get a basic version of your product out there to test the waters, and then build the real product afterwards with the knowledge you gain from this early customer feedback. You iterate with live customers instead of on your design board because this is how you learn to build a better product faster. Lean Startup author Eric Ries recommends… Read More

  • Scott Cook, Kevin Systrom and Eric Ries on the Lean Startup

    Instagram And Intuit Founders Discuss Lean Startups, Pivots, And What Makes A Product Successful

    Today at TechCrunch Disrupt, Founder of Intuit Scott Cook, writer and former CTO at IMVU Eric Ries, and Instagram Co-founder Kevin Systrom gathered to discuss concepts from Ries’ new book, The Lean Startup. While “lean” is thrown around a lot as modifier for contemporary businesses, Ries said that with his book he hopes to clear up one of the big misconceptions in defining… Read More