• Sprint offers employee buyouts to avoid layoffs

    Sprint offers employee buyouts to avoid layoffs

    With just about everyone pulling at their collars over the economy right now, more and more people are winding up on the chopping block. Amongst the many companies on layoff watch at the moment is Sprint; after bleeding out over 1.3 million customers over the last quarter, it’s pretty clear that Sprint was going to have to cut back their employee headcount. Forced layoffs are no fun for… Read More

  • AMD lays off 500 people

    AMD lays off 500 people

    Yet another big, successful company feels the crunch; 500 people were eliminated from AMD’s worldwide operations today, although AMD did not say what jobs were cut or where. We haven’t heard similar announcements from the other major players in AMD’s game, Intel and NVIDIA; the former may be banking on the its new Core i7s to buoy earnings, the latter probably made a packet on… Read More

  • Dash Navigation Can't Find Its Way, Lays Off Two Thirds Of Employees

    Dash Navigation Can't Find Its Way, Lays Off Two Thirds Of Employees

    Dash Navigation is getting out of the hardware business and cutting 55 jobs, or 65% of its workers. The startup, which is backed by both Sequoia and Kleiner Perkins, makes the Dash Express car GPS device. This is a network-connected GPS that pools the location and speeds of all nearby Dash owners to give them back real-time traffic reports. It also supports geoRSS feeds, and other GPS… Read More

  • EA laying off 600 people, tightening belt

    EA laying off 600 people, tightening belt

    Really now. I would have expected the Death Star to lay off people before EA would. I guess the Empire had a pretty solid economy, though. It seems that although EA is doing well in the long term, it’s cautious of incurring too much in costs during the downturn. Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll be having Maddens for years to come, but a 6 percent reduction in headcount at… Read More

  • Another Week, Another 18,885 Layoffs

    Another Week, Another 18,885 Layoffs

    Since our last update a week ago, we've added 18,885 job eliminations at tech and media companies to our Layoff Tracker. That brings the total to 38,538 layoffs across 108 companies over the past two months. Some of the bigger reductions this week came from Motorola (3,000), Qwest (1,200), and Electronic Arts (600). Among startups, there were job cuts at Revision3 (10), Emusic (10), Sugar… Read More

  • 19,683 Tech Layoffs And Counting

    19,683 Tech Layoffs And Counting

    This has been a brutal month or so for tech layoffs. According to our Layoff Tracker, there have been 19,683 job eliminations at tech companies announced since mid-September, and we're not even counting the 24,600 people at Hewlett-Packard who are being eliminated as a result of its merger with EDS. But only five big companies make up more than 90 percent of the layoffs: Xerox (3,000), Dell… Read More

  • Internet Winter Hits Mahalo; Cuts 10% Of Staff

    Internet Winter Hits Mahalo; Cuts 10% Of Staff

    In a post on his blog, Mahalo CEO Jason Calacanis has announced that his human powered search engine has laid off 10% of its staff. Along with the layoffs Calacanis writes that the company will be doing some "smart things" to help cut costs, including outsourcing much of its editorial department to freelancers instead of in-house staff. Calacanis pegs the number of full-time staff cut at… Read More

  • 13 Employees Laid Off At VoIP Startup Jaxtr

    13 Employees Laid Off At VoIP Startup Jaxtr

    Jaxtr, a startup that offers VoIP serivce as well as a social network, has laid off 13 of its employees and has been added to the layoff tracker. As of June 2008 the company had 35 employees (we've asked the company for the current count). Update: The company now has 30 full time employees. CEO Konstantin Guericke says that the company is well positioned to weather the economic downturn, as… Read More

  • Keeping Count: The TechCrunch Layoff Tracker

    Keeping Count: The TechCrunch Layoff Tracker

    After Silicon Valley woke up to the economic crisis last week and VCs rang the alarm bells, startups are starting to heed the call and tighten their belts for a long winter. As the slide above from Sequoia Capital illustrates, belt-tightening now may be the most prudent thing a startup can do. While nobody likes layoffs, least of all the employees losing their jobs, it increases a startup's… Read More

  • Adult Startup Zivity Cuts 1/3 Of Staff

    Adult Startup Zivity Cuts 1/3 Of Staff

    Zivity, the adult social network and media site that describes itself as a "community-powered showcase of female beauty", has laid off 1/3 of its staff, cutting back from 22 employees to 14. (Again, 1/3 seems to be the magic number - Jive and Seesmic have both laid off about a third of their staff in the last week). Zivity is in a unique position as one of the only venture capital backed sites… Read More