• Remember that SCO court case? It's still alive!

    SCO, the operating system company that has been trying to make a living doing nothing but litigation, is back in the news! When we last heard from the beleaguered company they were facing Chapter 11, which as we all know is a reorganization process. Now the U.S. Trustee’s office says that it thinks SCO’s bankruptcy should switch to Chapter 7, liquidation. Read More

  • Streetcar driver sends pictures of his private parts to random female passenger via Bluetooth

    A precarious lawsuit is currently in the news in Germany: According to various reports, a streetcar driver in the Southern city of Karlsruhe made pictures of his private parts with his phone camera (while being on duty). As if that alone isn’t stupid enough, the guy also sent the two pictures out to the world via Bluetooth. Read More

  • Microsoft tells TomTom where to go

    TomTom announced today that Microsoft is suing them for patent infringement, however they denied that they had violated any of Microsoft’s patent rights. Microsoft said that it it taking legal action against the GPS maker after the two failed to reach a licencing agreement after more then a year of negotiation. Read More

  • Buffalo Allowed to sell wireless products again (for now)

    Earlier, Buffalo Inc. and Buffalo Technology, makers of external hard drives, monitors and other computer peripherals were sued by Australian science agency CSIRO who alleged that Buffalo’s Wi-Fi Products infringed on their U.S. Patent 5,487,069. This led to the district court issuing an injunction, ordering Buffalo to stop selling its allegedly infringing Wi-Fi products. In… Read More

  • Spansion suing Samsung over flash memory patents [Update]

    Smaller, lesser known (to Joe Blow consumer) tech companies have been known to take on the big guys with lawsuits that may or may not hold up in court, but this one seems to hold a bit of water. At least it appears that way based on the Reuters and WSJ reports on the matter. Spansion, an offshoot of AMD, is accusing Samsung and four of its U.S. subsidiaries of infringing on multiple patents… Read More

  • Klausner Technologies adds LG and Verizon to the VVM lawsuit

    Love ‘em or hate ‘em Klausner Technologies is firing up the lawyers again. The lawsuit-happy patent holding company has sued everybody from AOL to Apple and now has their sights set on Verizon and LG. Read More

  • Psystar files a countersuit against Apple

    Psystar is suing Apple under the Sherman Antitrust Act saying that the EULA is a form of illicit tying and restrains trade. Psystar’s attorneys are calling Apple’s allegations of Psystar’s copyright infringement “misinformed and mischaracterized.” Psystar argues that its OpenComputer product is shipped with a fully licensed, unmodified copy of Mac OS X, and that… Read More

  • Lawsuit filed against Apple over ‘defective’ iPhone 3G

    A lawsuit has been filed against Apple over the company’s “defective” iPhone 3G. The plaintiff, from Birmingham, Alabama, argues that the iPhone 3G is a piece of junk, with shoddy data transfer performance, lots of dropped called, an inconsistent 3G connection, and so on. (The case doesn’t mention hardware problems, like the easily breakable body.) Anyone who uses… Read More

  • Tufts University tries to protect student names from RIAA

    The RIAA is looking for people and is willing to sweep up whomever it needs to in order to accomplish its continuing goal of punishing piracy. Under a March court order, Tufts University and other ISP’s in the district are supposed to provide a list of possible violators when not able to provide names to a “reasonable degree of technical certainty.” MediaSentry has identified… Read More

  • Microsoft gets mad at Taiwanese mousemaker, sues

    Usually in a situation like this, Microsoft would just buy the offending company and absorb their essence into its being. Apparently that’s no so easy when the company is all Taiwanese and stuff — they’ve resorted to suing the poor deluded fools, who have apparently resisted multiple approaches to work this thing out peacefully. Since they’re infringing on a couple… Read More

  • Psystar is whipping out the big guns against Apple

    Well it looks like the case between Psystar and Apple is going to get interesting. It’s been reported that a law firm that has taken on Apple in the past and won, has been retained by Psystar. The name of the California law firm is Carr & Ferrell and they specialize in intellectual property cases. You may remember them from the case where in the end, Apple settled and paid… Read More

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