• Geomium adds event listings to its location-based social network

    Geomium has announced a tie-in with CBS-owned that sees the latter’s 1.5 million music event listings get added to the discovery features of Geomium’s location-based social network. Under the commercial arrangement, local gigs and festivals pulled in from will show up on Geomium’s GPS-powered iPhone app, along with existing listings such as bars, restaurants… Read More

  • Less Spotify, more Pandora – We7 shifts focus to more economical 'Internet Radio Plus'

    Navigating the choppy waters of ad-supported music, We7 hasn’t been afraid to change course. The UK startup began life as an innovative free music download service before transitioning to an on-demand browser-based offering. While most recently the company, which is backed by Peter Gabriel, Eden Venture and Spark Ventures, made a premium paid-for play with a desktop and mobile… Read More

  • partners with MXP4 to make music ads sticky

    Is it possible to make online ads “sticky” so that users engage with them longer? That’s the aim of a new partnership between CBS-owned and MXP4, the interactive music startup. Using MXP4′s technology, is to begin offering brands the option to create ads that users of the music streaming and discovery service can interact with, such as remixing a track… Read More

  • 7digital's BlackBerry app gets some love

    [UK] 7digital has updated their BlackBerry app to include integration with Users of the MP3 download store and media player can now link their account to the app, enabling them to ‘scrobble’ tracks played on their mobile phone and send listening data to the website in real-time. As a result, the ‘Now Playing’ status on a user’s… Read More

  • Spotify about to get a little more – new recommendation engine

    One perceived weakness of Spotify is its music recommendation features. Let’s just say it’s no, appearing to make very little use of users’ listening data to help other users discover new music. That’s about to change, to some degree at least, as the European music streaming service rolls out an improved artist discovery feature. Read More

  • to power Bild newspaper's radio service, the CBS-owned London-based social music platform, has partnered with Europe’s biggest-selling daily newspaper Bild to power its radio service on the paper’s website. The move is part fo Last.FM’s bid to consolidate its position as an online radio partner for Europe’s news websites. The Bild integration follows a partnership with Germany’s popular… Read More