• New Materials Could Make Star Wars-Style 3D Screens

    New Materials Could Make Star Wars-Style 3D Screens

    Everyone’s favorite wonder material, graphene, could soon create realistic 3D screens for mobile devices and smartphones. Whereas most 3D displays have thus far depended on fancy glasses or, in a last resort, parallax barriers that simulate 3D in the same way those gaudy pictures of waterfalls and winking ladies simulate movement. Read More

  • XPRIZE Contender Astrobotic Strives To Be FedEx To The Moon Crunch Network

    XPRIZE Contender Astrobotic Strives To Be FedEx To The Moon

    Astrobotic Technology, a leading Google Lunar XPRIZE competitor, is setting up to become the first delivery service to the Moon. With a low-cost launch, they now have a lander with the potential for precision landings driven by new system on a chip (SOC) technologies developed by Nvidia with help from General Electric. Read More

  • This DIY Raspberry Pi Laptop Is Perfect For Your Weekend Machinations

    This DIY Raspberry Pi Laptop Is Perfect For Your Weekend Machinations

    My favorite DIY projects are ones that an idiot like myself can do in a few days. To wit, this Raspberry Pi laptop that lets you create a portable computer with keyboard and mouse with only a few parts. The project uses the PiJuice battery module and a 5-inch TFT module. In this project you simply cut or print a case for the screen – this one uses laser cut wood – and an HDMI cable. Read More

  • mDrawBots Will Draw On Your Wall, Floor And Eggs

    mDrawBots Will Draw On Your Wall, Floor And Eggs

    mDrawBots, a Kickstarter project from MakeBlock, are very reminiscent of old-timey Erector sets with one interesting difference: These robots can actually do cool stuff. Designed to be customizable, the kits allow you to build robots that will draw on walls and floors, and even draw sassy little faces on eggs. The robot moves around each surface like an ink plotter, laying down a line here… Read More

  • HTC And Valve Have Cracked The VR Code

    HTC And Valve Have Cracked The VR Code

    “I’ve been doing this for fifteen years,” I told HTC’s mild-mannered demo wrangler at MWC today. “And this is the first time I’ve been actually excited about a technology in five.” He had just walked me through one of the best demos I had ever seen. It was the HTC Vive, a sensor-studded helmet with dual hand controllers that allowed me to enter almost… Read More

  • MIT Students Use Lasers To Restart Failed 3D Print Jobs

    MIT Students Use Lasers To Restart Failed 3D Print Jobs

    OMG Lasers! A group of MIT students have built a scanning system that allows 3D printers to restart prints after a failure. Why is this important? Because there is nothing more frustrating than running a long print job only to have it fail in the last few minutes. The students, Claudio V. Di Leo, Louise E. van den Heuvel, and Sumant S. Raykar, used a standard Solidoodle printer with a laser on… Read More

  • Spike Kickstarter Project Puts Accurate Laser Measurement Hardware Right On Your Smartphone

    Spike Kickstarter Project Puts Accurate Laser Measurement Hardware Right On Your Smartphone

    Smartphones have pretty good cameras, but nowhere near good enough to do the kind of high accuracy measurement work that’s required for engineering or remodelling projects. Enter Spike, a new smartphone attachment designed by ikeGPS, a company that specializes in building fit-for-purpose laser hardware for use in surveying and 3D modelling. Read More

  • Laser Burns Up Boat

    You’re riding along, living your life thinking that Star Wars is all a big joke, a work of fiction. Then, suddenly, the U.S. Navy brings out a device called the HEL laser and it can blow up boats from afar using only laser light. Lasers have been used to disable vehicles before, but this is the first time it’s worked in the moist ocean air. Read More

  • Mitsubishi Shows LCD TV With Red Laser Backlight

    Mitsubishi Electric yesterday showed a “Laser Backlight LCD TV” [JP] the company plans to release within this year. At the press conference in Tokyo, Mitsubishi showcased a 46-inch prototype TV with a red laser and a cyan LED integrated into the backlight unit. Read More

  • Is Sony developing a new laser to replace Blu-ray?

    A recent announcement from Sony researchers revealed the development on a new type of blue-violet ultrafast pulsed laser for optical disks. Sounds like it might be time to change formats again! Read More

  • Old Man Laser: Officially over the hill

    Amazingly, the laser is 50 years old today. When it was originally discovered, many scientists felt that the shiny red light didn’t have any practical use. Of course now days, lasers are almost everywhere. Read More

  • DIY: Portable laser light show

    So here’s another little DIY project. This one involves making your own little laser light show. Now obviously it’s not going to make shapes in time with Dark Side of the Moon, but it still looks really cool. I might even have to do this one myself, if I knew how to solder. It’s definitely worth your time to take a look at this thing if you have any interest at all in DIY… Read More

  • Boeing kills things on the ground with frickin' lasers

    Well, it’s not exactly a surprise, as they’ve been working on it for years, but Boeing just had a successful firing of their aircraft based military laser. So successful in fact, they managed to blow something up. Read More

  • DIY laser-controlled keyboard

    This is a wacky little project. Basically you train a webcam to follow a spot on a piece of paper. Then you set “hotspots” on the image and assign commands to each hotspot. When you aim at the spot you basically “press” a button. Why would this be useful? You could potentially create a presentation system with this or help a handicapped person type with it. It’s… Read More

  • Laser sundial tells time anachronistically

    This simple laser sundial uses a micro-controller, an Arduino board, and a laser level to tell the time using bright and magic laser light. A small motor slowly turns the laser on an axis, marking off the hours of our days as surely as old death takes our lives piece by piece. Read More

  • Shooting down mosquitos with laser beams

    Remember Reagan and his infamous Star Wars Defense Initiative? 25 years ago, scientists suggested that the U.S. build a network of laser equipped satellites to knock down Soviet missiles out of the sky. While that idea never really took off, the technology is currently being re-purposed to shoot down mosquitoes. Read More

  • Blu-ray laser Zippo mod lets you light up with light

    The last time I saw something like this, I believe I was playing Goldeneye. This hacked-together pocket superlaser is guaranteed to start either conversations or fires — or conversations about fires. We tested out an expensive laser the other day and found it sufficient for lighting a candle, but this one appears to be rather more powerful — and you can gank it out of a Blu-ray player. Read More

  • Convert an old Xbox 360 HD DVD drive into a gun laser sight
    Go grab that Xbox 360 HD DVD drive and give it new life with this mod. What you’re going to do is rip it apart and make a sweet-ass laser pointer/gun sight/cat teaser. It’s not like you’re ever going to use it again. Look at it. It’s just sitting there, mocking your early-adapting ass. Oh… Read More

  • Laserkerf II: A laser miter saw guide that might actually work

    Miter saw laser guides tend to be more sizzle than steak but the Laserkerf II might actually work. The beam illuminates where the blade is actually going to cut and even indicates the kerf’s width correctly. So instead of showing the user a line that’s approximately where the blade is going to cut, this $79 add-on shows exactly where the cut will be made. It’s powered by… Read More

  • Mitsubishi LaserVue HDTV now available

    Mitsubishi’s LaserVue HDTVs have been in the making for a while but the critically acclaimed high-def set is now available at select specialty retailers. You still might need a second mortgage – good luck getting approved – to foot the $6,999 MSRP, but the TV apparently produces a Pioneer Elite comparable picture at 1/3 the power consumption. Plus, you can tell your… Read More