• Why haven't our clichés been updated to better reflect today's technology?

    Our clichés need updating. “Axe to grind”? How many people still regularly use axes, axes that need grinding? Why not something like “hard drive to defrag”? “Best thing since sliced bread”? Why not “best thing since the iPad”? We are surrounded by technology, but our language still reflects life on the farm. Let’s do this! Read More

  • Apple patent shows entire new language developed for multi-touch displays

    A recent patent application by Apple details the company’s interest in expanding the number of gestures its multi-touch displays can recognize. Right now, there’s but so many gestures you can tap out on your iPhone or MacBook Pro: zoom in and out, rotate, pan around, etc. This patent, which is called ”gesture learning,” shows that Apple has developed an entire language… Read More

  • Do you speak Nerdic? Probably, yes!

    If you read CrunchGear regularly, you know what a dongle is, what a mobile is, and what a torrent is. Congratulations, you speak Nerdic. According to the Telegraph, anyway, that’s the name of the language of modern technology. Modems, WiFi, and other words make up this secondary language. We personally think it’s a stupid name, we like “Virginglish”… Read More

  • Google Talk does on-the-fly translations

    A couple years ago, I became a member of a crowdsourcing outfit called Cambrian House just as it was getting started. The premise of the site is basically that you submit an idea for some sort of web-based service and then other members of the site vote on your idea. The best ideas get funded and then you can work on certain projects and gain a percentage of whatever profit the idea makes based… Read More