• Kodak stops Kodachrome film production

    Kodak stops Kodachrome film production

    It's a sad day, film fans. Kodak will retire its Kodachrome film, citing, um, its near commercial relevance. Sales of Kodachrome film only account for 1 percent of still-photo (that is, not including movie film and all the digital equipment) sales. Read More

  • Review: Kodak Zx1

    Review: Kodak Zx1

    Tell yer ma and tell yer pa if they need a little, handheld video camera for taking high quality shots of the cousins messing around in the yard, then the miniature Kodak Zx1 is for them. Read More

  • Review: Kodak Z980

    Review: Kodak Z980

    I’ve been avoiding this moment for a month. Before I left for Europe, Kodak sent me their latest ultra-zoom camera, the Z980, and I’ve been carrying it for over 30 days and through five countries. I’ve taken about two hundred photographs and I’ve gotten to know this thing fairly well. My initial conclusion? I’m going to say this just to get it over with: I miss my… Read More

  • Quick Look: Kodak Zx1 camcorder

    Quick Look: Kodak Zx1 camcorder

    We’ve been excited about the Zx1 since they announced it at CES and now it’s finally arrived. This successor to the popular Zi6 is a mini-camcorder with direct-to-YouTube capability along with an SD card slot for storage expansion. This new model is weatherproof but not submersible, something you’ll discover if you drop it into the toilet. Read More

  • Quick Look Video: Kodak Z980 24x zoom camera

    The mailman just brought Kodak's $399 Z980 24x zoom camera and I wanted to get a video up for you all before I gave it a more careful look-see. I'm fairly impressed so far, especially for a lower-cost ultrazoom camera. I'm down on ultra-zooms because it's not quite a DSLR and not quite a point and shoot - this thing is actually quite bulky - but so far I'm OK with this monster. Read More

  • Kodak photo archives to be shown in the U.K.

    Kodak photo archives to be shown in the U.K.

    As you can well imagine, Kodak has one of the most complete archives tracking the evolution of photography. Covering over 120 years, the Kodak archive has long been of interest to historians and researchers, however very little of it has ever been seen by the public. Read More

  • New Kodak Easyshare superzoom looks solid

    New Kodak Easyshare superzoom looks solid

    There is no shortage of point-and-shoots on the market, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give Kodak's latest a look. It's called the Z915 (memorable, I know), and looks, well, like a camera. I mean, it doesn't look like a DSLR, and it doesn't look like a little metal lozenge — it looks for all the world like a regular consumer film camera from the 90s. It's kind of comforting, really. Read More

  • Kodak has no friends in Korea: LG sues on cameraphone tech

    Kodak has no friends in Korea: LG sues on cameraphone tech

    First, Kodak sues Samsung and LG for some patent infringement, then Samsung sued Kodak. Now LG is suing Kodak. Bloops! Read More

  • Samsung vows to block Kodak camera imports

    Samsung vows to block Kodak camera imports

    I have no idea what's going on here but Samsung is fighting back against Kodak on some sort of patent issue because Kodak was originally suing Samsung. First, Kodak filed a complaint to the International Trade Commission citing patent infringement against LG and Samsung on Kodak technology. The patents dealt with image capture, compression, and storage as well as a preview method. Fair enough. Read More

  • CrunchGear PSA: Don't buy the Kodak C813

    CrunchGear PSA: Don't buy the Kodak C813

    Listen, people. I'll only tell you this once. Don't buy the Kodak C813. At least that's what DigitalCamer-HQ is suggesting and those guys know cameras. This $75 8-megapixel point and shoot lasts about a week and suffers from bad image quality, broken LCDs, and battery door issues. Read More