Klaus Hommels

  • Why Big Web Companies Don't Come out of Europe, Plus More Spotify Promises (TCTV)

    Why don’t more big Web companies come out of Europe? According to European investor Klaus Hommels, it’s not the usual excuses we hear like un-start-up-friendly labor laws or a culture against taking business risk. It’s that the European Union is just too fragmented of a market no matter what continent boosters would have us believe. Hommels explains in the video… Read More

  • The Biggest Gilt/Groupon Knockoff Network You've Never Heard Of (TCTV)

    The Biggest Gilt/Groupon Knockoff Network You've Never Heard Of (TCTV)

    We all know that the early success and insta-revenues of companies like Gilt Group and Groupon have inspired more clones than Jango Fett. But while profitable and growing, my impression was that most of them are one-off rounding errors compared to Groupon’s swelling revenue estimates – numbers that seem to go up in the press by $100 million every time they don’t have any… Read More

  • Turkish private shopping club Markafoni raises £4.7 million

    [Turkey] Markafoni, the Turkish private shopping club, has raised £4.7 million (11 million Turkish Lira) from Trayas, an investment group whose partners include leading European investors Klaus Hommels and Oliver Jung. Trayas seems to be focusing on investing in private shopping clubs, having already closed deals in Brazil, Switzerland and India. Of note, Hommels has previously invested… Read More