kinetic energy

  • Unwinding The Swatch Group Smartwatch Announcement

    Unwinding The Swatch Group Smartwatch Announcement

    The Swatch Group dropped a bombshell – in its staid way – announcing plans to release a smartwatch in the next three months, potentially to coincide with the April launch of the Apple Watch. First, understand that watch companies don’t know how to market to tech consumers. As I wrote here, Swatch is an integral part in the haute horology industry, a sort of heavy base for… Read More

  • Infinity Cell Lets You Charge Your iPhone Simply By Shaking It

    Infinity Cell Lets You Charge Your iPhone Simply By Shaking It

    The Infinity Cell is a kinetic charger for the iPhone that uses your body’s movement to generate electricity. The current prototype for the Infinity Cell is a crude 3D printed rectangle, roughly the size of a pack of cigarettes, linked up to the iPhone with a cable. The plan is to create a more streamlined version during the product’s Kickstarter campaign. Read More

  • Not yet real cellphone powered by kinetic energy

    [photopress:kcp.jpg,full,center] Biggs has been talking phones all week, but this phone, the Atlas Kinetic Cell Phone, isn’t real. It’s only a render, a mock-up, and looks like something the Legion of Doom would use. (It also looks better than damn near everything that came out of Barcelona this week.) Its gimmick is that it’s charged by kinetic energy—you need to movie… Read More

  • Kinetic Mobile Phones On The Way

    Don’t you just hate it when you’re at the club shakin’ your ass off all night long and when it comes time to call for a ride your mobile phone is dead? Yeah, I really hate that. A few ravers do, too, and they’ve put down their glow sticks long enough to patent a kinetic mobile phone. According to the patent it could go beyond mobile phones to a wide variety of… Read More